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New Orleans

Hey Jeff,It is good that you have concerns about the people in New Orleans,but they are not the first to ever suffer.The way Job suffered is an answer to why anyone suffers.God said "Where were you when I laid down the foundations of the Earth". Everything that happens is a test of the soul.The righteous will not perish with the wicked,don't forget about Sodom and Gomorrah.Job did humble himself after he protested his integrity and was returned to his state of happiness when his captivity turned.The works of God are Great and Mighty and his wisdom is unsearchable.God's judgments are for the wicked,not the righteous.God does show justice in dealing with men.Please,do not let satan tempt you,do not curse the day of your birth,understanding will be your gift.May God bless you and quiet the anger in your heart,for you are blessed.Kindness and caring can be rare,and I believe you have an abundance.Take care of yourself and pray for the survivers of any disaster that befalls men,and pray also for those that perished,that they may find their way home.
Love Joe Poisson

New Orleans

For me it said that life happens and we all create the cause and effect of life by our choices. There is no one to blame and yet we are all to blame.

There is a grander plan that is working out beyond my vision and that I am to believe in that which is greater than myself and know all is well.

New Orleans

You two make me think of so many things to say.

First, how happy I am that you are posting. Your caring and goodness shine through. God must be so proud of you both. I know I am. I am proud to read your comments and feel your beautiful consciousness.

Indigo, rather than blame, can we say responsible? Yes, we all are responsible to everyone for everything. But that is not the same as to say blame.

Joe, I dunno. Are the wicked really wicked, or are they simply more ignorant than the rest of us? I never did understand the Book of Job. And I still don't. This may sound sacreligious to you.

Of course, the people in New Orleans are not the first to suffer. But that does not make the suffering less. I think that none of us are separate from their pain.

And I don't think any one of us is better because we didn't happen to be there.

God bless you both.

With love, Gloria