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Am I this body?

Who am I? Am I the body? mind? Emotion? spirit? This body was little once. I don't know how it become this big, and why it stopped growing? If this body is mine, why I don't have control over it? I don't want to get old and sick, why body still get sickness and old age? When I die why can't I take this body with me? whom I love and got attached so much. If it is mine why I still don't understand it purpose? Why this body of mine is different from other body externally? How can I understand this body?
This body is not yours. it was given to you, according to your past life karma. Don't get attached or possessive of this or any other body, It is the divine gift given to you, to feel divinity through it. Only through this human body you will experience the bliss and it purpose. It is vehicle given to you reach the ultimate truth. Accept this body as it is. Be aware of your attachment to this body. All sickness and disease is creation of your karmic action. Increase your awareness about this body. Appreciate this divine gift. Be still and know I the creator of this universe reside in it.


We all know we are not our bodies!

If you have ever seen a body who has died, you know the body was not your loved one. He was his soul. And the soul flew out of the body and left what is aptly called the remains.

God bless you for your beautiful words.

With love and blessings,


Am I this body?

Dear Gloria,
When we are aware of the truth. I AM NOT THIS BODY. One door of unconditional love will open. Let walk on this path of unconditional love slowly. When the true understanding of who we are, not this body register in our mind. All the attachment,judgment,ignorance about my body or your body disappear.

Suffering come from attachment of mind to ignorance. Our limited belief, knowledge and judgment about things, bring clouds of ignorance in and around the mind. When we are aware of our true identity & accept it. Divine blessings of unconditional love shower upon us.


Re: Are we this body?- Health Problems

I am in the middle of a very trying challenge at the moment. L5-S1, the spinal disc that supports the human frame and enables all movement, ruptured on me in January this year. It splattered onto the spinal nerves, and I guess I am very lucky that I even feel my legs at all. Pain on a scale of 10. I prayed every moment of every day for four months because pain was so bad, I could hardly breathe. Finally the doctors figured my problem out. I had neurosurgery. That was also Level 10 pain. I had to go to the ER by ambulance twice because I couldn't take the pain anymore. I thought I would lose my mind. I prayed at all times: Dear Lord, give me an answer. Why?

You see, if anyone believed in the power of spontaneous supernatural healing, I thought it was me (I have experienced quite a few "miracles" in my life).

Time progressed. As this year went on, I improved daily. I was the model patient in physical therapy. In fact, I thought my spine was normal.

Then one day the same disc reherniated. I was only sitting when it happened. The MRI confirmed my suspicions. The nerve pain came back, I lost sensation in both legs this time, and I felt fiberglass on my spine. I researched the problem and realized that the neurophysiology of the disc, and the biochemistry of my condition were such that it was likely I would experience a re-rupture. I had been praying and focusing on healing for the entire year. Did energy work on myself, read a Course in Miracles, reminded myself of the Dhammapada, did everything I could to heal.

Then, one day, I decided to venture out & I joined a support group for anxiety. (When you start to lose L5-S1, an instinctive panic takes over because you can't walk! The survival instinct kicks in and says "Do something! You will be paralyzed if you don't!" And that translates into anxiety). I went to the meeting and attended lying down on the floor. Although I myself do light healing, energy work, and chakra balancing, I could not get a grip on the odd energy patterns swirling around my lumbar spine. An attendee began to speak about her anxiety issues, and I realized that she was an energy worker, too!

It was that meeting that changed me somehow. We embraced at the end of the anxiety workshop, and after we parted, God "spoke" to me (it's not words I hear, but a feeling-hearing-message, and an amazing peace and calm wash over me) and He/She said, "Now that you are nearing the end of this Lesson, you may come to understand it. You, who need incontrovertible evidence of miracles will see that the only cause of healing is God. The only reason why surgery ever works at all is because of Me. And you will see that for yourself - as your first surgery fails, you will come to know that only I ever heal."

I see with clarity now, as I walk the fine line between pain and Pain (pain associated without surgery, Pain associated with a surgery that demands 2 years to recover from), that the only choice I have is the Joy associated with the Lesson that GOD IS REALLY ALL. Since then, God has begun a healing program with me that is nothing short of beautiful. I grow by the second and so am careful not to reach conclusions or limit the experience by labeling it. I am simply letting God do everything for me, and am trusting.

I received the message that every man, woman, and child is a light. A light not separated from God, the Source, but an integral part of the Whole, and Whole in its own Right. And all the problems of the world, health included, come from the fact that we forget. God asked me to remind the many brothers and sisters I have around the world (everyone) that they are One with Him/Her in the Light. Always. There is truly no body. In the only abiding "dimension"/"universe" that is, is only Light. We dwell there first and foremost.

The other thing God made really clear is that EVERY PRAYER IS ANSWERED WHEN IT IS UTTERED. And the other thing: EVERYTHING WE DO IS A PRAYER. WE ARE IN CO-CREATION WITH GOD. And so, with 100% creative power, we must be careful with what we say and do (any off the cuff comments like "I'm so stressed out, I could just die," is a prayer) to create joy and love for ourselves and one another. But more importantly, Prayer is the answer to everything. I was lucky enough to have been "shown" the effects of prayers I have uttered, and the "scene" was so moving, I wept for joy - it was the most intense and breathtakingly spectacular vision I have ever had.

As I move away from thinking about God to feeling the God presence within, and sending that God presence to all I see in love, I find far greater joy than when I was healthy and didn't truly appreciate the value of that awareness. Regardless of what happens with my spine, I have had a very profound healing. A healing that reminds me that the body, although it houses the Spirit, is nothing more than molecules.

The Spirit is the consciousness that creates, moves and orders the molecules.

As I direct my focus away from the body, which sends pain signals, and concentrate on the here and now, I find far greater peace, joy and freedom than ever before. And from Peace and Love, I can then enter the bodily consciousness and Remember that the material I believe is my body is nothing but Light Energy disguised as matter. Then pain disappears altogether.

I apologize for the length of the message, but I hope it inspires people to look at rainy days, physical trials, and the valley experiences as nothing more than peak experiences in disguise. I am in the purgative process so that my next integration takes me higher. I encourage all persons who are in pain or very ill to take solace and comfort that it all works for the best in the end.

Love, light, and peace to All Beings! Christine

Blessings upon you, Christine

Your posting arrived in my mailbox, and my first thought was: This has to be posted on the forum for everyone to read. Then quickly I realized that you had.

I am so sorry for the pain you have had, even though through it, you have gained such insights and so generously shared them with us.

You certainly remind me to thank God for every day without pain, and sometimes I forget. I will remember from now on because of what you have written.

Who are you, dear one? Do you subscribe to Heavenletters?

May God remove your pain quickly.

With love and blessings,


Response to Gloria

Dear Gloria:

It was thanks to your response to my inquiry that I decided to join the Community.

You may recall that you were away doing workshops? meetings? in Europe and I had emailed you that I found Heaven Letters and that I had low back problems and had asked for information about the website.

So I am new to the community and am uncertain about navigating the site and how to access all the information that is to be had, but I am a great enthusiast of the project - which I view as elevating global consciousness to work healing on a global level.

I am so very grateful to this website because I have a great deal of pain and it is the one outlet I have, and the one opportunity I have, as I am home alone all day, disabled with pain and confronting the very poor odds of another surgery, to interact with others at all. And to have that interaction be "truly" Godly is incredibly awesome.

I will invite everyone I know to visit and to inform themselves of the options they have to find peace via this community. It does the world a world of good!

My name is Christine. I am a nursing student on medical leave hoping to someday become a nurse (that is, if I am not disabled), and hoping to someday assist others through their pain - but my dream is to be able to break through pain, and to guide others so that they can find freedom from pain, too. So that was my life purpose before this happened to me.

Again, thank you Gloria, for your invitation for me to become a member, for having responded to my message then and now, and for being such a great person!

Although we all have the wisdom, it's easy to forget from time to time, because those steps can be long and very very scary at times. And that's why fellowships like this are so very important: we all support and remind one another of that which we already know but tend to forget!!! :)

Of course, I close this with a hug to you all, whomever you are and wherever you may be, for being my support in this valley.


Am I this body?

Dear Christine,
you are writing such beautiful and profound things. It's wonderful to see how this Heaven is growing with such beautiful lights like yours added unto it. Because, as you say, we are all lights, parts of the Pure Light of God.
Lately, I've learned to appreciate my body and its health, too, as I fell down from the stairs last week and hurt all the left part of my body, especially my knee and my left wrist and hand. I understand that their was a deeper purpose behind this fall, and I'm still pondering it. With your experience you are opening a new path for other people with similar problems.
A big hug to you and so much love from me and from all the angels in Heaven.

Am I this body?

Hi everyone!
Hi Christine! How are you, dear ? You've been through so much pain...Thank God,you don't lose your spirit and you move slowly but firmly to absolute health. I wish that AA Rafael, the Master of Healing and Mother Mary help you all along your way back to health,lighten your pain and sweep away your doubts and fears about the future. You are stronger than any pain in the world!

Love and hugs from Greece,