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I wonder

Where were you when?
Where was I?

How did I find You?
Did You come here?

Am I the hero?
I found the plot getting very, very thick.

I put myself first.
I was dying of thirst.

Then I recalled You.
I remembered You are here, too.

I was running away, right?
I was.
I did.

I had been totally lost.
I was gone.
Away, you see.
I have been.

I found my way back home.
I find You waiting for me.

When I went to seek You,
What did I leave behind me?

I wonder

Beautiful, too.
But... why to ask ourselves what there is behind our shoulders...? When here, where we are now, we have got the most beautiful and elevated conception of our life, that is what our heart can feel and listen to, what it can create on its own, what it can explain with the simplest words and feelings?
Just love, without regrets.