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Heaven # 2174

There's an expression in today's Heavenletter, that I can't find anywhere. As I wanted to translate this Heaven # 2174, Being Human, can anyone tell me what this means: That is slight of hand.


Heaven # 2174

Dear Paula,

First all, I have a spelling error, so no wonder you couldn't find it anywhere.

It is properly spelled "sleight of hand" although it is pronounced exactly as slight.

It comes from an old Norse word for slyness.

Here's what my dictionary says:

Sleight (noun) 1. The quality of being skillful in manipulations; mechanical expertness; skill; dexterity. 2. craft, cunning.

Sleight of hand 1. a juggler's or magician's trick so deftly done that the manner of performance escapes observation; also called legerdemain 2. the performance of such tricks.

I love the story of words and their etymologies.

Thanks for your question, dear one.

Love, Gloria

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Heaven # 2174

Thankyou Gloria,
now it makes sense. I too could just keep studying the vocabulary, I find it fascinating to read about words. And at the same time I know that words are not important and, one day, will not serve us anymore.