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If you think New Orleans was bad, what about Noah's experience or the requests made of Abraham and Jesus?

We need to understand why we do not have a perfect world. Perfection makes it meaningless, and, also, death is not the worst outcome.

Bernie S. Siegel, Author,


Global Press Conference - 08.31.05

What lesson should simple, common people learn from such a terrible, natural disaster?

MAHARISHI: Everyone should learn - be he simple or complicated - everyone should learn 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. It is the collective consciousness of USA which is the action of a government. If being murderous to the world, being fearful to the world, being crucial to the world: 'as you sow, so shall you reap'.

This is the word from the celebrated religion of America, word from bible of America. A word of Christianity, the religion of the people of America, the religion of the president of America. We don't have to learn from anywhere outside. Their religious teachers have been telling them every day or every week in the churches. The religious priests have been reminding the people: 'as you sow, so shall you reap'.

If you can be a tyrant to the world, Natural Law will be the same to you! That's all. There is not much argument, not much intelligence to think about it: 'as you so, so shall you reap'.


Dearest Horizon_Joy2, I know that what you say is a common interpretation. And of course there is great truth in it. Of course, odds are that if I run in front of a train, I will get run over. Yet it seems too pat an explanation for me. It would seem the more kindness someone gives, the more kindness that will be returned -- but not always! Christ got crucified. Ghandi was shot, etc. Did they earn that?

It hurts me the interpretation that if someone drowns in a flood, they earned it. First of all, that assumes that to drown in a flood is bad. It also seems to imply that those who didn't die were more deserving. I just don't believe it.

Karma is so often given as a reason for everything. God in Heavenletters says there is no past and no karma. In a Heavenletter that either has already come out or one that is to appear soon, God says not to even blame our childhood for our present state, that we can be what we choose to be at any moment.

Well, dear Horizon_Joy2, you sure inspire me to speak out!

Many thanks and blessings,



There are many of us who believe that it is by Divine Appointment that tragedies such as this occur. Not on an Earthly level, yet on a 'soul level'

Hindsight is 20/20. Wait until this situation is in hindsight... we'll see good. I know it.

Already thousands have been awakened out of their complacency.
That in itself is a miracle.


So the following may help to shed some light on it :D

"There is no greater kindness than the kindness of nature, which only moves one way to bring fulfilment of evolution and life to all these things in all their states of evolution, under all circumstances. When a man, because of some misdeeds, seems to be punished by nature and suffers for it, this also is the manifestation of the kindness and helpfulness of nature. If a child has smeared mud on himself, his mother will wipe the mud off. Even if the process of wiping off the mud is not liked by the child, it is good for him because the mud could harm his skin. The child. however, does not understand the injury that the mud would cause him and rebels against his mother's efforts......

"If a stone is thrown into a pond, waves are produced that travel throughout the pond. Every wave produces effects in every part of the pond, resulting in some influence or other. Similarly the wave of individual life through its activity produces an influence in all fields of the cosmos.............

"That action and reaction are equal is a scientifically established truth. You react to someone in a certain way and he, in turn, will react to you in a similar way. If he does not react to you, then nature will bring to you a similar type of reaction If you hurt someone, even if he himself does not react, other agencies of nature will bring the reaction of your behaviouir to you. It is a law of nature that as you sow, so you reap. In whatever way one wants the surroundings to react to him, his behaviour toward the surroundings must be in accordance with that. This is the fundamental principle of making the best use of one's surroundings.

The laws of nature cannot be deceived, the reaction will come. If a man is jealous of you, you will find, when you search your heart, that you have been jealous either of him or of someone else sometime in the past. Be kind to him, and the surroundings will be kind to you, be loving to him, and the surroundings will be loving to you; begin to doubt, and the surroundings begin to doubt you. If you hate, the surroundings begin to hate you. If the surroundings begin to hate you, do not blame the surroundings, blame your inner conscience...............

"Everyone should know that he is part of the whole life of the universe and that his relationship to universal life is what one cell is to the whole body............

"Every action of an individual influences every other thing in the universe...............

"Thought waves are much more powerful than the waves of speech and action. Through every thought, word , and action we are causing some wave in the atmosphere, but thought waves are especially penetrating. If we are joyful, happy, and full of kindness and love for the whole world, we receive love from every quarter........

Extracts are from 'Science Of Being And The Art Of Living! (MMY)