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HEAVEN #2167 Deep in Eternity October 12, 2006

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HEAVEN #2167 Deep in Eternity October 12, 2006

God said:

You hurry along in life as if it were a race. There is no race. There is just life. You have wanted to be ahead of it. You get out of breath, you pant at breakneck speed.

Life in the world waits for you. It will carry you forward. Life has its own pace. You can’t get ahead of it. You can’t predict it. You can’t stop or start it. It has its own momentum. You are not hapless nor helpless in life, and yet life is not always yours to command. You can beg life, you can whip it, but life has a mind of its own. You ride the horse you are on, beloveds.

You have your ideas of what life should be, and life doesn’t always listen.

You simply don’t want to make too much of life as you live it in the world. You don’t want to make scenes. Embrace life instead, no matter what coat it wears on a particular day.

Life is a passage, and you are passing through it. There is certain scenery around you. You are not misplaced, beloveds. You cannot be. Tomorrow you may be in a different place. Where you are today is where you are today. It is a simple fact. One day it is summer. The next it is autumn, or winter, or spring. They come when they come. They are not mistaken. Whatever the climate you find yourself in, you are in it. You were born where you were born.

Tomorrow you may move to Hawaii or Alaska. You are on a moving escalator. It will take you somewhere. Even if you seem to be moving in place, you are moving. You are in motion. You are making progress. You are not at a standstill.

Because life is not moving fast enough for you, or not moving in a direction you would choose, it is nevertheless moving, and you are moving with it. What tomorrow brings, no one knows. What today has brought, you may not even know. You may think one thing – it may be another.

Whatever breezes blow, they are the breezes that blow.

It so happens that you are where you are. You may not know how you got there. You may not know what you are doing there. You may not know what to do this minute. Life will come to your aid. It will present itself to you. It will call on you.

Today you may walk a well-worn path. Tomorrow may be a new one. Today you may hear a train. Tomorrow you may be on one. Your path may seem circuitous, but it may nevertheless be a straight line. But that doesn’t matter. It matters that you are somewhere now.

Always you are in My heart. You may be unaware, you may feel you are not in anyone’s heart, yet still you are in my heart. That is irrevocable. How you feel impacts how you think and, therefore, your life as you perceive it, but it makes no difference to the fact that you are in My heart. When you feel anything but My love, it is your blurred perception. Your awareness has abandoned you, or you have abandoned it. Come back to awareness. Come back to where you always are. Come back to My heart willingly. Bring your awareness back. You have present and everlasting life with Me. This time on Earth is a flash in the pan. It is a preoccupation. All the while, you are deep in My heart, deep in Oneness, deep in love, infinite love, and deep in Eternity where there are no bumps in the road.

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