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HEAVEN #2166 Translating God October 11, 2006

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HEAVEN #2166 Translating God October 11, 2006

God said:

In life you are translating Me all the time. When you ask yourself, “What shall I do? How do I know what is the best thing to do?” you are asking: “What is it that God would choose? What does God want me to do? How do I make the right choice? What do I do that is nearer to Truth?”

You have much leeway because I leave choices to you. Free will is yours to use. You guess as best you can. “Should I marry this man or that? Should I take this job or that? Should I drive my car this route or that? How shall I answer this email, what do I say?”

You have to guess a lot, beloveds. You have to approximate. You can wrestle with a question forever. At some point, you have to decide. You decide as best you can. You follow your heart as much as you can. Certain or uncertain, decisions are for you to make. Others can advise you, but you are the one who has to make your own decisions. They were given to you.

Beloveds, they are not questions of matters of life or death. And even when a question is of life and death, you cannot take credit for life nor blame for death.

There is a big jar with beans in it, and it falls to you to estimate how many beans are in the jar. You can only guess, beloveds. The real prize is in taking a stab at it. The count you give is incidental. Your guess doesn’t change the number of beans in the jar. Your choice does not cause the number of beans in the jar to be more nor less.

Your choices are incidental. And yet choices are yours to make. Make them without fear. Neither be rash nor obdurate. Decisions are not a perfect science. Day follows night whatever you decide.

Sometimes it feels to you that you are an artist without sight. You are a piano player without hearing. Life often is ambivalent with you. You can only play the keys you can play. Don’t worry so much about life. Don’t worry so much about consequences.

Life was not designed to be a problem.

If life were a food, it would not have been made difficult to digest. You are simply to choose what to eat, chew, and digest. The digesting comes automatically. If you were concerned about your digestion all the time, you would have indigestion. Let your digestion take care of itself. Let your life take care of itself. You can only moderate your life to a certain extent. All you have to do is be there, make choices, and keep walking along. In fair weather or foul, you keep walking. With or without a parasol or an umbrella, you walk your path. You live your life. Rain or shine, in dearth or plenty, move in your life. Pick up what befalls and go on.

If you stumble, you have stumbled. If you spill something, you have spilled something. If you are in crowds or alone, you are in one or the other.

If you are lauded or panned, so what? It is life all the same. I do not extol philosophy, but you can be more philosophical about life. You don’t have to get into a flurry over it. It will change by and by. You don’t have to get ruffled. Even if you get wet, you don’t have to get ruffled. Relative life is incidental to you, beloveds, incidental to you.

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