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Becoming Horse

Becoming Horse

By Trish Scott ©

Restless power
Surveys his world from a plateau

Canyon and river
Valley and mountain
Cloud and sky open to him
For him

Burst yourself into horse
Pound over the hill
Through the valley
To the tops of the cliffs

Horse of earth
Becoming horse of sky
In the thrill of speed

ALL earth
ALL sky
All here
All beyond here

Horse screams stomps
Prances and rears
The JOY of knowing
It’s ALL me
ALL now
ALL mine


Your poetry is unique, and I love it! Thank you so much for posting here.

How many animals have you written poems about?

With love and blessings,


Becoming Horse

Thanks Gloria :D I'm glad you like my little poems.

There is only one other - Cougar. They are all on my website in the Animal Communication section under Animal Medicine. I wrote them to help my students connect with animals in a way that is usually unfamiliar to them in the beginning. Once they feel a connection with these examples as a starting point, I ask them to do the same sort of exercise with other animals that they feel drawn to. It's fun and really gets the ball rolling toward communicating with animals individually.

Horse, by the way, was inspired by a horse I did a reading with. She was not at all into being a domestic animal. She just had this very strong "racial memory" of being free! It's hard to be in a stall with this kind of re-membering, just as it is hard for us to stick with the work-a-day world while re-membering our source. A lot of people connect strongly with Horse.

My new playground!

Hi All,

I've started a new blog and I would love it to become a wonderful playground for us (those of us who love playing in spirit) to enjoy. Drop by to play? You could help me to get the ball rolling by posting comments and adding your own spirit to the mix :lol:

Here it is.

Hope to see you there! 8)