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I'm as important as Oprah!

Today, I remembered...

I'm as important as Oprah.

And so are you.

What am I talking about? No less than what I see as one of the
central paradoxes of life -- that we are everything and nothing,
that every little thing and nothing we do is important.

Deliciously confusing, isn't it?

Oprah, as an example, makes a large, splashy impact on millions
of people. I love and admire her for this. However, I don't go in for
that sort of stuff myself. I write these little missives of mine and
have people report that my words were exactly what they needed to
read at a specific point in their life. Similar scenarios play out for
us when we comfort a friend or family member.

I don't have millions or billions of dollars to give to assist my fellow
humans. But, I donate every month to an organization called Modest
Needs to help people over some of the bumpier spots in their roads.

Here's what I believe is important -- each of us doing what we can
with what we've got right now to make life better for all of us.

I'm as important as Oprah!

Thanks for posting this Suzanne.
I loved reading it.