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HEAVEN #2155 The Footsteps of Silence September 30, 2006

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HEAVEN #2155 The Footsteps of Silence September 30, 2006

God said:

Seek simple rather than flashy. Flashy means something that comes and goes. It is not lasting. Simplicity, like a carpet once laid, lies there and serves from then on, perhaps not noticed, yet soft to walk on. It wears well.

The noise of excitement doesn’t last. The quiet of simplicity lasts.

The shiny object isn’t always the one that serves. All gold is not shiny. Let shine be a patina that grows. That goes for yourself as well. Just mosey along in life. It’s good. You don’t have to shake the Earth.

You want peace, and yet you crave tumultuousness. Don’t tell Me you don’t. You rather favor being perturbed and disturbed. If you did not, why would you experience them so grandly? Has not being perturbed and disturbed appeased some sense of injustice you carry within you? The world is often not just. Be just to yourself and do not harbor injustice. Harbor that which you want to harbor. Or do you need tumultuousness for other reasons? Do you perhaps need your skin to be pinched in order to wake up and know that you are alive?

Be alive in silence. The stillness within rises like the crest of the moon, and you are enlivened. Plants grow from their roots in the soil. You grow from the silence of the deep. There is no hurry.

A giant does not have to walk fast for his steps are great, and he can encompass the universe in one step. Your one step is the silence within. Reach that harbor of solid silentness, and you are on land.

You need no sparkles but your eyes and your heart.

You may love candy, but it doesn’t satisfy your appetite. A taste of the silence within satisfies like nothing in the world can. You cannot change this. What is scintillating today is not tomorrow.

Welcome a sense of peace. Breathe deeply. You are not supposed to be panting. Be still, and let treasure fall on you. There is much treasure you will notice when you are out of the noise. Noise has blocked your ears. You thought you wanted more noise, louder noise, startling noise, the louder the better, but it is silence that ushers in the dawn. And you are on the cusp of the dawn.

You may think noise wakes you up. It keeps you from rest certainly. Let the sunlight wake you up. When the sun comes over the horizon, open your eyes.

You do not need noise to drown out your thoughts. Do not be so afraid of your thoughts, even the recurring ones. Let them dry in the sun. You will see them in their true colors. They may fade altogether. If you do not like your thoughts, let them go. You do not need to sweep them out with a broom. Just let them go out the door of your mind. No matter how much they have clamored for your attention, or inattention, they will jostle themselves out the door. Give them quietness, and they will have the decency to leave. You certainly can live without your egregious thoughts. You are not dependent upon them. They have been dependent on you, leeching on you, distracting you from the silence of your heart.

Goodness doesn’t make noise. It is quiet. War is noisy. Peace is silent. A breeze blows peace. A raging wind makes war. Choose peace today. Inner peace first, and then see all that follows. You may think you want excitement, but that can only be because you haven’t experienced peace enough. Know it now.

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