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Agents Of Light

Over the past two months, we've worked with dozens of people around the world and witnessed remarkable results as they explored their higher level chakras, increased their vibrations and received their first template. For those with some prior knowledge and experience with individual frequencies, the possibility of being able to manifest and maintain an almost unlimited vibratory state has been a bit difficult to comprehend and accept. And yet we see it with every person we activate, as individual frequency rates have been astounding and have reached heights never before experienced on this planet. While everyone generally gets their frequency up high enough to receive their Divine Template, some have reached into the tens of thousands, and a few have passed numbers in the millions, billions and beyond. And because I've been practicing what the Holy Ones have coined as "Extreme Lightwork," I've discovered that there truly are no limits to how high our personal frequencies can go.

The one caveat to this though is that participants have to actively utilize their template and engage in some form of Lightwork in order to maintain this frequency. For example, I've been told that if people did the simple meditations I offer in my Journal (or articles on my website), they could increase 120%. Or, if people wanted to really increase their vibration, I could teach them to double it every day! In contrast, our frequencies will also plummet just as dramatically if we become angry, fearful, negative, jealous, etc. But by engaging the template and performing our Lightwork, it goes back up again.

One of the more interesting things we've learned is that children far exceed most adults in their ability to raise their frequencies, and both of my children are already in the millions. I've been told that part of the reason is that they have less "baggage" holding them back. They also tend to doubt less and have pure hearts of faith. I keep saying that our children are the planet's secret weapon for leading us to ascension because they can do so much more than we're asking them to do. I hope that parents will encourage their children to get involved and make a difference for the planet. I'm reminded regularly by the Holy Ones that "every little bit we do here is HUGE on the other side."

Messages Supporting and Endorsing Our Program
A few weeks ago, we thought it would be useful to ask various dignitaries to support our program publicly since it was such a drastic change from what people were used to. They wholeheartedly agreed, and surprised us by showing up one day to speak to us, so I thought it would be useful to share some of their comments with readers:

Lord Ganesh- This program is only for those who are ready to soar! It’s for those willing to break all their former barriers; but not for the timid or complacent. This is for those who are ready to manifest changes in the world. This is for those ready and willing to take responsibility for their lives and dominion over the Earth. It’s not a ‘pretty’ program; it’s a powerful one. People need to know that it can catapult them forward, and exponentially increase the level of impact each person can have in the world. It does not take away from what you’re currently doing; but it will empower what you’re already doing. This is just the beginning of much more. There will be a number of levels, groups and an interactive community to build collective energy for participants. Concerning the new Light (Crystal Iridescent Ray), it is beautiful, but very powerful. Do not take it lightly!

Saint Germain- The Divine Template (#1) is powerful. If it were used by everyone, things would change more rapidly than anyone could imagine. This tool of co-creation should not be under-estimated. It was not originally intended to be given at this point, but since it was asked for, and it was needed, it seemed beneficial to offer it. It goes forth with our blessing to be used in the most powerful way possible for those using and engaging it for the planet as a whole. It is possible for every single person to ascend, but not everyone has committed to this goal. The intention we hold is that all ascend, but it is still a matter of free will. The decision as to ‘when,’ will be made by those on Earth, not from those above. Do we wait or do co-creators draw the line and say we’re going now? The entire cosmos is waiting for this to be decided. The point at which this decision is made, will determine the degree of cataclysms that occur, major Earth changes with deaths involved, etc. With this program we can move people forward faster. The Lightwork you do impacts all of humanity. We are working to find ways to help everyone to come forward. From this perspective, we encourage readers to avail themselves and their Lightwork to this opportunity and take this program for the sake of humanity. The timing of when ascension will occur is what we’re most concerned about. All Lightworkers have the opportunity to impact the when and the how.

SanatKumara- We’re only at the beginning. Many more steps are yet to be taken. Many have been hungering for this; waiting to be told they can go higher than ever imagined, unlocking their imagination. When this happens, your ability to co-create on Earth will also be unlocked. We applaud the arrival of new creators to co-create on the Earth realm. This program allows participants to co-create at higher levels, at a greater magnitude than ever conceived before. The scope of this new opportunity is not fully grasped. It’s helpful to establish a list of prime thoughts to engage with your Template. We will give you 45 of these to recite when you first receive the Template. Here are the first 15. Repeat these statements with consciousness and conviction. Remember, the Template isn’t fully utilized if you think too small. In time we will share 30 more.

Lady Clarion- This planet has long been dear to my heart; a special project of mine. It grieved me too much to think it might perish, so I issued the initial ‘Clarion Call.’ Your planet is a jewel in the heavens. From your perspective, you can’t perceive how special your planet is to many. Even now it moves me so deeply to speak of it. I am in favor of anything which will assist your planet in completing its ascension. The tools you are offering people can scarcely be compared with the tools most people are working with. Not that there are not other good tools that have been offered. But these tools are among the best. Therefore, I heartily encourage all Lightworkers to avail themselves of these tools, humbly for service because that’s how they’re being offered. For the service that these tools can provide when used by Lightworkers with clear heart and good intent can not be overestimated. As others have told you, you’re just at the beginning. You are all greatly loved beyond measure. We hold you dearly in our hearts. Adieu.

LadyMary- This project is one that I have helped to initiate; helped to sponsor, as it is with my presence, love, and energy. For it is an outlet of my energies into the Earth realm. It is part of the plan to bring it to many more people on a larger scale than is currently the case. Divine Mother energy will work with you all. There will be group sessions where divine feminine energies are offered a space, a platform to grow intensely, and be made more manifest on the earth. You are all loved more than you know.

Lord Christ - This under- taking is one that is shifting elements of the paradigm that you’ve been living and working. And because it extends beyond what was previously known before, it is very exciting to many in the spirit realm. It is our intention that the planet and humanity receive full benefit of this work and these tools and the love that flows through them. The next set of 15 statements will be about Love. You’ll receive them soon. We would like for all those who have received the template to work with the first 15 before they receive the next. The Template is not a toy to play with on Sundays. The Template is to be used every day in powerful ways. Remember you are loved more than you know.
Archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel – I want to bless this work. We are calling many to a higher level, and I do not want to be left out of the messages given here. It's important to concentrate on those things that carry the planet the furthest and fastest, therefore we wish to promote this to as many as possible. I'm calling all those working with me to resonate with this program and to make full use of it. I wish to lead group sessions as well because many being called forward are my people, those with whom I have been working. And I want to work with them through this program; we have already agreed to this. You are loved more than you know.
Archangel UrielArchangel Uriel - I want to bless this work as well. It is our great pleasure to spend this time with you, and to share in this love energy with you. The next series of 15 Prime Thoughts has to do with love. And to that end, I engage my being with this work, and with those using this work to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is a wonderful thing we are offering for those who have ears to hear. It is my intention to touch the hearts of those that are ready to receive these gifts, this program, work, and who have offered themselves in service to manifest a greater love on planet Earth. There is no limit to what can be done with these tools as we have mentioned before. There are many more tools coming, this is only the beginning. There's much to be done and much suffering can be alleviated by use of these tools, by focusing on the Kingdom of God and making it manifest on the Earth now. This is a school of co-creatorship. You are loved more than you know.

The First Seven Templates
Over the past two months, my partner and I have traveled to various dimensions to pick up seven different Divine Templates. None of these have ever been available for the planet before, and each is quite marvelous. We were told that if Lightworkers would just use the first one on a regular basis, we could create 'Heaven on Earth' in a very short time. Amazingly, there are an unlimited number of templates available to us, and the only prerequisite is that our personal frequency be within the appropriate range commensurate with each one. The following is a brief description of each one and the frequency required.

#1 Manifestation Magnifier – Placed in our Heart Chakra, it magnifies our intention, allowing us to co-create 'Heaven on Earth.'

#2 Suit of Translucent clothes – Will allow us to better align with and manifest our Holy I AM presence. It provides a means for it to draw closer to us.

#3 Gratitude Magnifier – Placed in our crown chakra, this magnifies feelings and ex-pressions of joy and gratitude, and then attracts and multiplies whatever we’re grateful for.

#4 Joy & Delight Receptor – Activated through our palm chakras, this will allow us to experience and magnify the joy and delight of any event or situation.

#5 Visioning Magnifier – This is a “hat” like device we wear on our head that provides a powerful magnification of our vision of whatever we would like to create for that day (used only once per day).

#6 Rainbow Arc of Simplicity – This tool looks like a rainbow and is placed behind our heads. It is used by placing it around complex situations or projects that need simplification.

#7 Situational Road Map – Allows us to ‘magically’ identify a clear path for a life situation. You tell it where you are and where you want to be and it draws out the successful path on a map, including the timeframes, obstacles, and 'side trips’ along the way.

The 45 Prime Thoughts
Those who earned their first Divine Template were given the first 15 of 45 Prime Thoughts from the fabric of creation, and the mind of Prime Creator. These are repeated at least once with the Template before active use, and are said with consciousness and conviction. We're encouraged to use the Template regularly for small things in our lives as well as large, complex issues. But the Template is best utilized if the thoughts are large and global in nature.

First Set
1. I AM a radiant Sun of Love and Light
2. I AM a co-creator with God
3. I AM responsible for my creation
4. I AM willing to be responsible for my creation
5. My Light shines through me to all of my creation
6. I AM the Light in the world
7. My life is a manifestation of the Divine
8. I AM the peace which passes understanding
9. I AM Divine Will manifest on Earth
10. I AM one with the All that Is
11. I AM one with the Source of all life
12. I honor all life
13. I love myself as God loves me
14. I AM loved unconditionally
15. I AM whole and perfect as I was the moment of my creation

Second Set

1. Love is All there is
2. Love is the foundation of all that is
3. Love is the force behind all things
4. Love is the essence of my being
5. I AM a creation of Love
6. I AM Love
7. Love is where I have come from and Love is where I am going
8. I AM the Lover and the Beloved
9. Love is the dynamic force inherent in all Creation
10. Love makes itself More
11. I radiate Love to all whom I meet
12. I AM committed to being Love in all situations
13. The Love within me is pure and constant
14. Love makes all things whole
15. The Earth and all her people are the Fullness of the Creator’s Love