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Unlimited Thinking

Unlimited Thinking
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I take a deep breath in,
drawing in light
from everywhere
in the universe
as I do.

I link my mind
with my higher mind
simply by having the intention
to do so.

I call my higher self to me,
feeling its light all around me.
I begin to expand into the
light of my higher self,
filling myself with light and love.

I think of an area of my life
I would like to change
such as a situation, relationship,
career, or a money issue.

I start to change this area
by changing the way
I think about it,
and by using my imagination
in positive ways.

As I hold this area in my mind,
I imagine how
I would like this area to be.

I picture even more and better
than I originally imagined
in this area.
Using my imagination
I expand the possibilities
for this area of my life.

If any thought comes up
that says I can't have this,
I surround it
with the light of my higher self
until it dissolves.

I create several positive thoughts
about why I may have this in my life.

I now experience
some of the future feelings
of expansion, growth, and joy
that I will feel as what
I am creating in my mind
becomes my reality.

As I imagine this area in my life,
I sense the light of my higher self
all around me,
adding light to this area.

I open to receive
my higher good in this area.
I trust in the universe
to bring me the best and highest
in exactly the right form and timing.

I am an unlimited being.
I know I can have anything I want.
My choices and possibilities
are expanding every day.
My dreams come true.

I think of one small, positive step
I can take today
to create what I want
in this area of my life.

I now take this step.
I allow this or even better
to come into my life.
I deserve to have it
and I open my heart and I receive it.