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Breathe deep the gath'ring Light
Energy of Love that dispells the night
All That Is vibrates as One
From tiniest atom to mightiest Son

From ephemeral lace to the galaxy's core
Power of Love neverless evermore
Growing while flowing in the rivers of Life
Harmonics converge and merge in the Light

Breathe deep - be filled with the Love
Of the All that's below
And the All that's above

All That Is lives inside of you
Ancient of age and forever brand new!


Now we have another great poet here. All the talent is remarkable.

So happy to have you here.

Looking forward to more.

With love and blessings,



yes, Gloria

breathing with you, Possum,

is possum coming from latin "posse"?

if not may I tell you that it means "I can"...

love anad blessings