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A miracle every day!

What a miracle a day is.
I can't believe it.
I just can't believe it.
The miracle of today. :!:

John Riccio

A miracle every day!

today is thursday
since 20hours and 19 minutes

and hey
the move is done since nearly a week
it was a bit exhausting
all these boxes
but we enjoyed every box that was packed
as we ejoyed every box that was de-packed

and we enjoy our new rooms
and we enjoy our surrounding
it is a bit tv-show

in the morning the kids walking running scuffing to school

in the noon the kids walking running scuffing home from school

and now we enjoy our evening
and finally the internet is on again...

love peace and joy from here to there and everywhere

A miracle every day!

This is how it looks like to sit on boxes: