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in media luz

a media luz

sharing in trust
my innerst

shurely only one is trusting
who feels worth
or has learnt to believe in this trust
has learnt that trust
any time shows the love, the truth
y todo a media luz

left back - who is left and who has left
there is no difference

who of the two has taken the greed's need
left the eagle down in the weed

let the eagle fly to the universe's truth

y todo a media luz
the tango runs and runs
we all thrown our guns

who knows the tears
who kisses the cheeks
who makes the choice
there is no advice
what is the price

there is only love
told that was a lie
but the oily skin shines in the moon
light and clear and blue
is it a lie - is it true
who judges - there is no difference

sha sha sha
born in love
born from love
born without love
born away from love

the lie and the truth
is there any difference
there is an universal lie
there is an universal truth
there is an universal love

and nature shows in the river's flow
where to go

in the river (s)he stays
and divine are time and space

y todo a media luz
you will be the truth

a media luz
there is only light in thruth
free from any abuse

and dreams are born into universal life
by the man and his wife

it was MEDIA LUZ
it still is MEDIA LUZ
the eagle flies
the painted star on its wings
and the pyramids and diamonds coming out of the earth or so
the moon becoming round
its light flowing with waters of the river by night
the light of sun flowing by day
flowing and flowing and flowing
from moment to moment to moment
keep good care of my baby
once this baby was mine
but what is my and mine
if not you and yours
if not we and ours
space and time differ in this every moment
spontanous laugh makes the light shine in any face
and when the world disappears from the mind....
even the relevance of the very terms ....
"attachment" .........."non-attachment" no more.

the moon grows until she is full
she is he
you will call
I will call
the sun with his repulsion
and counter-repulsion
and then
a Media Luz
the light is seen in the deepest shadow

what is shadow without light
what is light without shadow
in the zero everything is
everything is in the zero

and the eagle flies
to media luz
and then its shadow is seen by all

and the snake looks up
and the eagle points her out
they meet
they cheat
they release
they look for the ray
they meet
they may
they are
in Media Luz
the light they always were
cheating is gone
meeting is gone
being is doing
doing is being
the space and the time are the time and the space

it is space and time for Lotus
a Media Luz

a Media Luz
all is TRUTH

and a loud laugh is to be heard
gone the sorrow
gone the arrow
sun and moon are one
the universes here at all

gone the bridges
the Lotus
the only one
the light
the star
the universes

you may think me crazy
only unconditionally loving
being one with all
all with one

just am
nature's message



Wow, dear VeroniKA. You have such talent.

There is such talent here I can hardly contain myself.

What shall we do with all these expressions of God?

A collection of Heavenreaders' creative writing? What?

With love and blessings,