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Dear alllll, I hope everyone will get it...I hope...

I have a question about the message#2124:

Here it is:

Yes, I will sell you on love and abandonment of worry as I would sell you a cosmetic.

This "on", this preposition made me a bit confused. Is God selling me Love and abandoment of worry....Or Is he selling with love and abandoment of worry????

If you could share your opinions with me it would be great (even if the question was silly

All the best
Engin-From Turkiye


Dear Engin,

"to sell on" is a fixed expression in English used in sales language.

to sell sth
to sell on commission
to sell on credit
to sell on inspection
to sell on the spot

and so on. So this is more a translation issue then something mysterious which needs to be understood by meditating over it...... :)

Much Love and Light


meaning of sell on

Dear Engin and Adrachin,

Engin, I love your questions, and Adrachin, I love your answer!

I think, in addition to meditating on it, one has to be a native speaker of American!

Sell on is just the tiniest bit different from plain sell.

Like I could sell you on Heavenletters, but it doesn’t mean I actually sell them to you.

God isn’t going to sell you love and abandonment of worry, he is going to make you want to have them and give them to you freely. He will sell you on them.

Does this help?

Your question sure makes me think!

With love, Gloria


Dear Engin These are the most fun questions because nothing we say could be wrong. Selling someone on love is selling the idea of love to them, and because we teach by example it means that God is loving while and by selling you on love. Excelsior lol Abandon worry.