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Dear Liria,

I am so happy that you subscribed and now have joined the Heavenletters Community forum. A big welcome to you, dear Liria.

When you subscriibed and I saw your email address with translation in it, I wondered if you were a translator, and now I know you are.

As you continue to read Heavenletters, if you have any desire, we would sure love to have you translate Heavenletters into Albanian. We would be honored.

Heavenletters are presently translated into eight languages. This is all volunteer, dear one. You would do it as often as you like or as seldom as you like, and you would choose the Heavenletters you want to translate.

The Italian translator has been translating for three or four years now -- she was our first -- and now she wants to translate every day. She tells me she has gained much from translating. If you would ever like to talk to her (email) I'll connect the two of you.

But I am jumping ahead of myself, dear Liria.

And if you want to have a laugh, go to and see the latest entry Computer Junkie.

I love you already.

With blessings,