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HEAVEN #2105 Love Regained August 11, 2006

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HEAVEN #2105 Love Regained August 11, 2006

God said:

Everything I say is literally true. Everything. Everything I desire comes true. Everything. In fact, beautiful beloveds, it is already true. It is like the book has been written, and now it only has to be printed. And then it has to be read.

And your picture is on the front and back covers. All the words in between are quotations from you. My book is dedicated to you. You are the protagonist. You are the one who writes the wise afterward. And you are The Table of Contents and all the indexes. You turn the pages of yourself, page after page. Every reader reads the same book but sees different words. Every reader has his ooh's and ah's of elation and also his ouches wherever they may come from. You name the various chapter titles. And all are the readers of My book, this special volume dedicated to you. Certainly it has your name on it, this work of fiction that everyone wholeheartedly believes. This work of fiction is Book One, and yet it is called Life As It Is Seen.

You picture each page. It is very real to you. You do not know it is a book you are reading. You think this is your life you are living, so real is it to you, so great is your imagination and the illustrations you draw.

There is a second edition coming. This is Book Two. This is the one where all dreams within the dream come true. They are already true, but this edition is just being published. From the very first page, you will see the ascension of peace on Earth and good will to men, to animals, and all of nature. Book Two will bear the title One. And all will read the same words, the same illustrations, and hear the same music. There will be One Reader.

Do you not know this already? Have not so many blessings reached you that you already see the mastery of the Artist at Work? It is not that walls will crumble. There just will not be walls to be taken down, nor fences to be dismantled, nor doors to unlock. They simply will never have existed, for all will be open. Nothing will be set aside. Fairy gardens will be for all.
People will be able to sleep on park benches if they so desire, climb trees, fly from one bough to another, pick apples from any tree, roses from any bush, pluck love from everywhere. Not even have to pluck love, for so much love will be given that you will be inundated with it. You will not know where to turn, will not want to turn away from it, will know how to accept it, won't know any longer how not to accept it. More than a lion's share of love will be yours. All of it will be yours. You will not see any difference between emanating love and receiving it, for in truth, beloveds, there is no difference.. Love shakes hands with itself. Let's clap in joy!

Life will become the good movie that it is. You will love it from start to finish. I think We will call the movie, Love Regained, based on the book called One, the sequel to Life As It Is Seen.

Would you like to pre-order this book? Instead of war bonds, we will have Peace Bonds. To pre-order, clasp peace to your heart. Squeeze it in.
Your heart will expand to make room for peace. Love and peace are interchangeable. They are part and parcel of Oneness.

Copyright@ August 11, 2006

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