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HEAVEN #2106 In Vastness August 12, 2006

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HEAVEN #2106 In Vastness August 12, 2006

God said:

Everything is easy for Me. Everything is easy in Vastness. It is in the smaller places of the Human mind that things come hard. Imagine for a moment that you do create everything you want. Then you would simply create it. It would arise from your heart. Consider what you would like to create, and then watch it happen before your very eyes, from your very heart. Ah, but, of course, We are not talking so much here about the surface things you want. Let's consider qualities.

I deal in what appears to you as abstract. Abstract are those lovely things that cannot be pinned down. Love, for instance. There are no lines around it. Love exists freeform and ventures everywhere. It cannot be captured. It cannot be caged, whereas you like definitions. You like lines drawn, lines connected, boxed and wrapped. Confined really. Perhaps you prefer to deal with contraction rather than expansion. Perhaps you choose swaddling clothes over loose-fitting garments of thought.

Perhaps you like your thoughts to be like tight baseballs, wrapped tightly rather than a beach ball that bounces high and seems effervescent. Perhaps you prefer hard candy rather than chewy caramels of thought. Perhaps you like periods at the end of sentences. Perhaps you like closing doors more than opening them. No perhaps about it, is there, beloveds? You like confined spaces. You like to huddle there. You like a hut to be a home. Perhaps you like endings more than beginnings.

You live in the universe. You are a member of it. You are not in a retirement home where you sit in a rocking chair on the porch. Get up.
Embrace the universe. Tender it your care. It is your garden growing. What would you like to plant in this vast universe? What seeds do you sow?

Perhaps you have given up on planting. Of course, you have to plant before you harvest. What would you like to harvest? Plant that then, beloveds. That is, actually, what you do. You plant certain varieties of energy, and you harvest what you have planted. Oh, yes, of course, some weeds blow into your garden, and, bewildered, you find them there. You did not plant them. They do not belong to you, yet they are in your garden. We are talking about the garden that your mind walks in. Perhaps what you see as a weed is not. Perhaps it is a rare flower. But if it is a weed, simply pull it and toss it away. Do not bother yourself over it. A weed happened. It is not a huge thing.

In Vastness, nothing is huge. In Vastness, the specifics do not lie there. You plant the seeds and simply watch them grow. Choose some rare plants, beloved. Perhaps they are not so rare as you think. Consider for a moment that everyone has a hidden garden, hidden even from themselves. At night when they are sleeping, they are busy in the garden. At night, when you are sleeping, you are busy in the garden.

Think of it. You plant a garden in the sleeping mind, and then you forget about it. Yet it grows every night, and every day you have forgotten. Work in it anyway, beloveds, by day. Know there is a garden that exists beyond your day to day ken. Nourish it. Because you don't remember doesn't mean that you are not involved. You are involved in great plantings.
You are somewhat like a great artist. His art was created in his sleep, and during the day, he paints it.

Nourish all growing things, beloved. Nourish your heart as it grows in understanding. It widens for you, so that you may explore bright sparkling stars and galaxies. And galaxies, beloveds.

Copyright@ August 11, 2006

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