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HEAVEN #2102 The Life You Want August 8, 2006

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HEAVEN #2102 The Life You Want August 8, 2006

God said:

Beloveds, as you can imagine, I am all for the spiritual. Our connection runs deep. It is the basis of all. And yet spiritual involvement is not meant to be an escape from your responsibility for everyday life.
Because you think deeply, understand many connections, and have good intentions does not relieve you from responsibility. It is not okay to leave your relative life sloppy.

Sometimes you look for excuses. You think things like: "This must have been meant to be. This is my destiny. This person must be my soul mate.
If our connection is so great, then I have no say. I must give my all to it, no matter what."

Beloveds, there is no: no matter what. Relative life also matters and has its value. It has great value. It helps you to find out who you are.
It is not for you to hunt for reasons nor to make excuses for decisions that may lead you away from Truth. If decisions you make do not behoove you, then they also do not behoove the universe. They behoove no one. Some subterfuge is going on. Life is not to be lived at the expense of another nor yourself. Do not belie yourself. There is no gain for you or another in being less than you are, unless you consider unhappiness a gain.

You are not hapless in life. You don't have to be swept up in it.
You can be calm and get off a train you're on when you realize it is not taking you where you want to go. People are not dispensable like paper towels. On the other hand, you do not have to keep them in your pocket forever. Some things and sometimes some people, you have to let go of.
Sometimes you have held on only for the sake of holding on.

If you are not leading the life you wish to lead, what prevents you?
Something in you prevents you. Somewhere along the line, you conceded.
Somewhere along the line, you cut off your heart, suggesting that it not bother you. You perhaps accepted a bowl of potage instead of your rightful inheritance. Somewhere in your mind, you said: "I will take less from life.
I will consider a little as my share. I will put aside my dreams and my values. I will shuffle my feet."

Do you possibly think that is My Will for you? That is an impossibility.

You are not to settle. Quietly go about your business. Go about Mine. Keep your integrity. Keep your Selfhood. Stay with yourself. Do not abandon yourself. Have regard for yourself. Be your own friend. Oh, the years you gave yourself away here and there for naught. Pay attention now to what you do and what you say and what you want and why you want. Do not diverge from your True Self. Realize your dreams. Make them happen. Serve Me in happiness, beloveds. There is no other way. Working your fingers to the bone does not serve Me. Crawling on your knees does not serve Me.

Joy serves me. Serve Me with joy, outer as well as inner. Don't mix
joy up with diversion, beloveds. If you truly want to serve Me, serve
Me with your heart and your life. Make your life in the world an offering to Me.

Copyright@ August 8, 2006

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