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HEAVEN #2097 August 3, 2006 Wake from This Dream

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HEAVEN #2097 August 3, 2006 Wake from This Dream

God said:

Yes, you may climb to Me, as you think of reaching Me. Or you can simply let Me pull you up on a pulley of My love. In any case, you are already in My arms. I held you close to My heart before time was thought of.
You were and are My Universal Child. My heart was and is full of you.
Beloveds, there is such splendor in My heart, and in yours too, if you only knew. My heart burst from the joy of you, and you were born as a thought, and you were sent to Earth in order to fill Earth with love. You were sent to explore and reveal the God of Earth Who Is the same God of Heaven.

It is easy for you to say that you come from God, that you are a Child of God, and yet you shake your head. You are caught on the nail of your humanness, as if humanness were to be embarrassed about, or chagrined.
Yes, you find your humanness an embarrassment. Will you now not find it as a special blessing? Beloveds, is not your humanness also sweet? Is it not also divine? It's hard to imagine you without your humanness, isn't it? Don't deny it. If you were not in the human body, you would not have the opportunities you presently have. You have choices now. That is the blessing of being in a human body. You can diverge, and you can divulge. You can be a hero. You have choice. You see more than one course you can follow. You have decisions. Angels, always coming from the Highest, see no alternatives, while you swim in them. Even so, even though you may choose pain, you find your way back to joy again. Inevitably, you open the door marked Heaven.

You play a role on Earth, and you play it well. You do not stoop to Earth. You arise there. Earth is the trampoline you bounce on. But it is not your starting place. I am your Starting Place. I am your Springboard. You sprang to life with Our mutual consent, and now you find yourself in an alien land. I depend on you to restore the world to its rightful place, which is named Heaven.

The amazing Truth is that you have not wandered from Heaven. It is a Great Illusion that you fantasize. It is as if you had left Heaven, as if you were only human, as if you were sprawled out in a distant land, when, all the while, there is no distance from Heaven and there is no other land.
Heaven is it, beloveds. There is no distance from Me, except in a fantasy you play out. I am closer to you than the nose on your face. I am closer than your eyes. Our hearts share a common beat. Do you not know that We share the rhythm of Heaven, a spaceless space where all hearts abide. We can say you are renewed in Heaven daily and nightly, yet it is not renewal that you need, just a little nudge of awakening, a tiny fire of recognition, a spiral of realization.

There is nothing to do but to realize yourself, not to make you real for that you already are, but to espy your Oneness and laugh your head off at the joke you have perpetuated upon yourself. You gave in to the thought that you could be anywhere but in Heaven. You even imagined a dungeon for Earth Beings, and gave it an untowardly name, as if you could do anything but rise to Heaven. Imagine that, beloveds. Imagine rising to Heaven. Right now imagine it, and rise right now. All that is missing is your acceptance that you are a Heavenly Being, that Heaven is your home, and that you have never ever left but in a moment of a random thought.

There is nowhere I can be except in Heaven, and you are here with Me, safe and sound, as always. Wake from this dream. Realize.

Copyright@ August 3, 2006

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