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Lord Krishna Reveals Himself


Immersed in an intense Presence, I sat, transfixed, as Krishna blossomed before me, sitting lotus-fashion, smiling his beneficence. His knees touched mine as we sat together in meditation. He appeared larger than life; perhaps seven feet tall, about 350 pounds, beautifully proportioned, comfortably fleshy. His skin is translucent with a velvety bluish tone. Just as I began to notice his beautiful golden crown of Light, a crown of Light became apparent on my own head, and I lifted my hand to feel the peacock feather perched on the right side. I remembered then a recent conversation with Yeshua. �Yeshua, why am I so magnetized by Krishna, by images of Krishna, by the Sanskrit chants?� Yeshua replied �Why, beloved? Krishna was my teacher. Now he teaches you. He guides you to be the child of God you are, completely. He plays with you!�

Krishna�s blissful gaze drew my attention. I looked at him, inner eyes wide to see all of his beauty. His own eyes were crinkly with suppressed laughter, then his mirth burst forth in a great cloud of Divine Joy that enveloped me instantaneously. White Light filled with stars surrounded me and filled me, satisfying and comforting as mother�s milk, so safe and carefree I felt. Krishna�s eyes conveyed a thought, and I understood. This is the �Ocean of Milk�, the rapturous Divine Joy that is our birthright as children of the Mother. Tingling, drunk with Joy, I could feel my Self giggle a questioning thought, clumsily projecting it to Krishna with my eyes. Is this how heaven feels? His eyes glowed. Waves of ecstacy billowed from his wonderful being. He breathed forth Ahhhh, and it felt like a spring breeze, fragrant with freshness, pregnant with possibilities. Life.

I fell further into bliss, losing awareness, floating. I could feel something surrounding my being. I recalled the image of my completed DNA from another visionary experience. It looked then like a cylinder of light, intricately woven in twelve strands. Now it appeared in similar fashion, except now the strands were also woven through me, through the center of my being. Now the strands were no longer simply woven around me, but are also spiraling through me, creating now an intricate cylindrical mandala of energies.

You know about the DNA, Krishna conveyed. Somewhat, I thought back. His eyes responded: enough to explain what is coming known to you now. I could feel him nod inside my consciousness. He was being very firm. I knew he wanted me to get this, whatever it was. Inner eyes riveted to his gaze, the idea of shapeshifting, of changing forms at will, ran through my consciousness. I could feel his nod again. He breathed in, and on his outbreath, my consciousness was filled with images. Images of life danced around me, competing for my attention. I saw the rocks and the soil, the matter of the earth, the plants and trees and growing things; I saw the birds and animals, the insects and the sea creatures. I could see all the people, the beautiful children of God. I could feel my oneness with all life, and there was something more. Realize, he breathed. I remembered that human DNA contains all the DNA of every living thing on the earth. Ah! I realized. Since I contain the pattern of every living earth creation, I have within me all the created forms. Shapeshifting calls forth a pattern of creation, a DNA coding already within my being!

Beaming broadly, Krishna breathed out again. Again, my consciousness was filled with images, images of people I have revered in my life. Paintings and photographs of spiritual masters and saints cascaded through my inner vision. I felt profoundly grateful that I have followed my curiosity, collecting these images in my mind. Krishna conveyed his thanks to me. Oh! Krishna has amplified this curiosity! Thank you indeed! Watching the slideshow, beings of Light gathered around me, and I knew I was surrounded by my own personal spiritual cheering section. Expand the realization, he commanded. I knew. I already knew. Just as I am all those created beings contained within my human DNA, I am also all created beings contained within the rewoven, reconnected, re-membered DNA that is the One God. DNA is a continuum, a process. It is the blueprint of evolution. Oh! I am God also.

Krishna looked at me with infinite tenderness. I felt newly born. We breathed in simultaneously. I could feel myself within Him. I could feel Him, feeling me within him. I looked at my skin, not the least surprised by its� bluish tone, yet astounded to realize that he lives within me, patterned there in my DNA since the beginning of time. My consciousness was so expanded, I could only maintain the ability to observe. All control or ideas of control were surrendered, useless. Shifting my inner awareness, I realized that Yeshua too lives within me. Shifting again, my vision alighted upon Mary, the Cosmic Mother, holding the Terra and every living being in her tender devotion. She lives in me as well. I felt I could not hold the gargantuan enormity of this realization, of this potential, of this Truth.

So what is your desire, my darling child? Krishna breathed, returning my attention to my own individualized part of the Whole. I knew he was asking which shape I desired�which being�who I wanted to be. I knew the answer. I knew my deepest desire. I desire to manifest my Self. I desire to manifest, completely, the Self God created. The image and likeness of God�s desire: that�s my desire. I desire to reflect the full Glory of God, as me, Liberty, the Word made flesh.

Chuckling deeply, tenderly, pleased beyond measure, Krishna breathed out again. A haze of blue light enveloped my consciousness, and I rested.

Libby Maxey,
"I Am Liberty"
One Mind's Journey Through Ascension,
An experience of enlightenment.


Lord Krishna

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Lord Krishna Reveals Himself

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