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My soul, mind me.

And what is, I thought;
All that stuff I thought
Was past

Is it here now?

I considered
The reasons,
It's purpose;
A meaning which meant something.

The conclusions I discovered,
Uncovered paydirt;
I added water,
Stirred with a stick,
Got Mud.

A pie I played with.
Mr. Mud Pie.

I don't know Why.
When He died
I cried.

Offered my tears to my dears.
Now I'm here.

My Hero to Zero.
Still here.


My soul, mind me.

here a bit of thoughts

tears because of fear?

fear results from separation - the deepest angst within human beings is not to be loved...

from there - amongst others - is an emotion called anger

anger divides in mourning and hate ****

if one feels loved

one can overcome all... ****

the question is who is it who loves me - that me who fears so much...

that me that is not able to love itself?

is there a you within that me

is there you without that me

that loves that me?

how can love be when that me does not know the feeling of that all surrounding all guiding all embracing love of ALL THAT IS?

and yet this love is that me

and yet this love is that you

and yet this love is all that is

and that you and that me are ONE

Love. Our love is the love of One for us.

And we are that love.
That love has found us is enough.
That we know each other
Proves that this love is real.
My true love is not me; it's you.

How can it be other than you?
I don't know.

Is there another me?
I don't see.

There are there those who are beyond me in comprehension.
I don't care what they might say;
What they might do;
What they might think.

I feel the feelings I have.
Whether fear, or anger, or whatever.
If it's a thought,
And it's crazy, I know it.
So what?

Is that a game I play with myself,
Because I think I am alone without

Because I think it's impossible you are right here with me right now?
Because I believe I am different from you?

Who are you?
I know myself.



My soul, mind me.

Hey – i know how it is with dragonheart
When it aches
It is pain
Is it pain?

Here and there –ing

Hey then I believe – I know it
Hey then I believe – I do not have to know it
Hey then I believe – I simply live it
Hey then I know that I simply live it and experience it

Like love is love because it is love and simply is love

My soul, mind me.

Beautiful, Veronika.
With love and blessings,

My soul, mind me.

Was pain.
Isn't pain.
What's pain?
Well.  Here she goes.
She went.
I flirted
A skirt.
There, there; My Dear.
You had my tear.
You tore at my heart.
I believed it was smart.
It smarted.
You know?
I got your message.
Life, lived, is; as: just what it is.  As.
I can't say:
Know more.
No more.
You haven't given me enough.
I'm sorry about that here.
Oh yeah.  I forgot all about it.
It's a drag.
"There's the radio, though."
Thank God for it.
About it.
All about IT.

My soul, mind me.

the drag is happy
the worries?

the head is free
the joy came back

fun happens

gratitude is the key

there is gratitude
for love
for joy
for trust
for confidence
for live