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Calm is better

Today, I remembered...

calm is better.

I was sick a couple of days ago. Seems my lunchtime salad bar offerings
didn't agree with me. Now I don't want to say I love being sick (nausea is
not one of my favorite experiences), but I've noticed that I always get some
terrific insights (rememberings) during my "down" time.

One of my great new-old discoveries from this time is my love of tea. My
wobbly stomach couldn't handle coffee, so I consumed much mint and
chamomile tea. Mmmmm. Right now I'm starting my day with some white
peony tea as I write and watch the windy storm outside. Beautiful metaphor for life,
isn't it? Calm inside, what-ever outside.

Caffeine is overrated. As is pushing life around, demanding our own way
and just generally being a pain in the ass.


Dear Suzy (may we call you that?), let's sing a song today (this is a day of song for some) "Tea For Two". Thank you for sharing the thought of a balm to our lives; A Tea Toast may you and all never get sick again.