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HEAVEN #2081 Today July 17, 2006

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HEAVEN #2081 Today July 17, 2006

Sufficient is the day unto you. And you are sufficient unto the day. You and
your day are perfectly entwined. Whether rapture or blight, this day is
yours. Regardless, each day is a passing fancy, beloveds. No day lasts. They
are all revocable. They are revoked the minute a new day arrives.

Do not accumulate the experiences of a day and hold them over until the next
one or the next year or the next twenty. Let your days go. They are pages in
a book. You already read them. Now go to a new page. Let the other days
flutter away. They are no longer. Only they made an impression on you. Do
not bookmark them for safe keeping. Do not keep them at all. They are

You talk about the good days and the bad days. They are all the same because
their day was. Now they are past, and the past belongs with the past. You
can start anew, beloveds. You must start anew. The past has brought you to
where you are, and where you are is where you start from. Today is your
starting place. The day is new. Be as much a clean slate as the day is.
Whatever has been has been. It does not have to be now. You can let go of
it. You can bid it adieu. It is easy. Just say, "Adieu, my past life. Adieu,
even my past life of yesterday. Yesterday has been washed away. I will not
gather the pieces to me. Let me have a poor memory. It will hold me in good

Be before the day as innocently as it is before you. It is here to do your
bidding. If today misunderstands and falls short, then you simply arise to
the occasion. Cover for the day as you would a partner who errs. Welcome the
day anyway because it is here to accompany you on your journey. Give your
day a break. Do not accuse it or hold anything against it. It is an innocent

Of course, you understand that you march in place, for the rumble of days is
only an echo heard in your mind. There is no such thing as a day in your
life. There is only life, and you mark it in days. You provide calendars for
the marking of days. Tear off the pages, beloveds. Do not attach meaning to
the marks on a calendar. . Tear them off. Throw them away. That is not
disrespect. This is how it has to be with days.

The sun shines in one place constantly. It appears to you in different ways
and at different times. That is the charm of the sun. But the sun knows its
secret, that it never moves. That it rises and sets and makes days is an
illusion. albeit a beautiful one. Enjoy it, but do not mark your life in
days. Mark it in love. Do not even mark it in love. Just let it be love and
don't mark it at all. Spend love today.

How gracious and loving will you be on the occasion of this illusion of
today? You can make the most of this arbitrary day, and you make the most
of it with love. Wherever you go today, wherever you find yourself, and with
whom, honor this day with love. Love is the coin of the day. You are to
spend it lavishly, love disbursed as if you have to spend all of it today.
And that is the truth, beloveds. All the love in your heart is to be
disbursed in this blip of life called today. Your heart will overflow with
more love in the blip called tomorrow, but they are all the same, beloveds.
All the days are a continuum of your life. Fill the world today with all the
love in Heaven.

Copyright@ July 17, 2006

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