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HEAVEN #2080 In the Blue of Heaven July 16, 2006

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HEAVEN #2080 In the Blue of Heaven July 16, 2006

God said
Lift up thine eyes and see into Mine. Go out into the night and let
the limitless sky be your ceiling. Let the stars be pot lights, lighting up
Earth, and the curve of the moon a place for you to recline. In between the
stars is the soft black night for you to rest your eyes on. Welcome to this
night sky. It is made for you just as well as the day is made for you. The
night sky is your coverlet. It is a nighttime canopy over your head. And the
stars are your thoughts blinking back at you. The moon is like the white of
your eyes. The whole night sky says, "Peace unto you." It says, "You are
safe in God's care." It says, "God is awake, and His night vision is
perfect. Day or night, you are in His care. God does not sleep, but if He
did, it would be with one eye open. He is ever taking care of you."
Bewilderment at life is something you have devised. Have awe
instead. Have awe at the beauty that surrounds you. Is there anything like
it? Light wraps itself around you while your inner light burns brightly.
What if it is you who is a star in the firmament, and it is you who sends
light to the world? What if your third eye is a sender as well as receiver?
What if your eyes are the moon, full moon by day, crescent moon by night as
you sleep.
How intimate is everything in the universe. There is no distance
between you and the sky and horizon and all the possibilities vested on
Earth. What if there is no day and no night, and that it makes no difference
at all. You blink your eyes shut, and you blink your eyes open. All that you
see lies within you. You have the tendency of everything. You are capable of
great glory. Hop from one star to another, and you hop from one star of
yourself to another.
Do you feel the essence of moon and stars and night and day and sun?
Can you not alternate as well? Can you not be the moon and the stars and the
sun and any planet, known and unknown, that you choose? Can you not contain
all of Heaven within you, and that includes Me? Not possess but contain. Not
contain but be. The sun and moon and stars do not exist without you. They
want to be gazed at. They want your attention. They will give you great
energy. They want you to claim them. They want you to walk on them. They
want you to travel to them only to discover that they are within you. The
whole universe is within you, beloveds. All is contained within you. All
exists within you. There is nothing outside you no matter what it seems
You are a great department store. Everything is in stock. Everything
is yours for the asking. Walk down the aisles. Pick out whatever you want.
There is no check-out. Your credit is good anyway. I urge you to partake. I
urge you to leave with your cart full of all your heart's desires. There is
no cost, beloveds, except the cost of giving up some ignorance which is the
same as to say to giving up some beliefs. You must give up all the beliefs
that limit you, for you are unbounded. Love knows no bounds. And you are My
love embodied on Earth when all the while you are sitting with Me in the
blue of Heaven.

Copyright@ July 16, 2006

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