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##2077 Your Lucky Stars

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HEAVEN #2077 Your Lucky Stars July 13, 2006

God said
There is no love given in the world that you do not receive. No
matter how far away, love that is given is given. Love given in one corner
of the world does not stop there. Love flows. There is no end to love.
You are always stepping into love. There is not a moment when you
are not receiving love. What do you think the sunshine is? What do you think
colors are? Music? Children? You are surrounded in love. You are immersed in
it. You are not always observant of the treasures heaped upon you, however.
Thankfulness is not something indoctrinated or learned. Before you
can feel thankful, you have to notice that which to be thankful for. Never
mind thinking you must be grateful. We are speaking of a natural act that
follows awareness. Think about being aware. Be aware, and you will thank
with all your heart.
Well, perhaps you do need to be nudged to be thankful. In that case,
begin your day with a thank you even when you don't know what you are
thankful about. Yes, be thankful first, and then observe, and then you will
walk in gratitude for all of life and for all inhabitants who share life in
this realm of Earth with you. Like love, there is no end to gratitude. Love
and gratitude (not obligation) are synonymous. Can there be one without the
other? They are entwined.
I like the expression Thank your lucky stars. I like it because
it's true that you are under lucky stars. There are no others. It is good
fortune to be a star in the firmament of Heaven. Such blessed stars are only
too glad to twinkle their light onto you. Their light could be their tears
of joy at being able to light up the night and give good luck to all they
give their light to. Whatever star you are under right now, that is your
lucky star. And the star is thinking how lucky it is to have you to shine
Begin your love affair with life. Life is your constant companion.
You do travel together. Enjoy the ride you are on. Life is vast and has
invited you to enter its chambers and discover its treasures. Hooray for
life! What would you do without it during your stay on Earth? Enjoy every
morsel of it. Why not, beloveds? Why not enjoy every aspect of Creation?
Imagine that you are in a field of flowers! Would you say there are
no flowers to pick? Would you say the flowers in the field are not enough?
Would you say you want blue flowers instead of yellow? Would you say there
shouldn't be bees even though they make the flowers happy and propagate
them? Would you say you want something else? Would you make a face? Would
you be displeased?
Weave some flowers together and make a crown of flowers. It will be
your halo. Romp in the fields. Roll on the grass. Bless the field you walk
in. Thank it for being there for you.
And if you walk the pavements of New York, be glad the same. Let the
people passing by you on the street be the flowers of the field. In your
heart, make them into a bouquet and present them to themselves. Are you too
busy or too important to impart love even silently for one moment to
You carry My heart within yours, and I gave it to you to share
rampantly. Wherever you walk, let everyone know that I AM. It's all right.
You can speak silently as I do. As if a daisy spins in your heart, let the
petals fly from your heart. Bless every passerby in My Name, and you will be
glad, and you will be grateful.

Copyright@ July 13, 2006

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