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HEAVEN #2078 What stands in the way of love? July 14, 2006

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HEAVEN #2078 What stands in the way of love? July 14, 2006

God said
Do you see how your mind cancels love? Each one of you is pure love,
yet your mind would dilute it. Your mind would hide it. The mind's logic is
not logical. Beloveds, at your mind's bidding, you have even hidden the love
you are from yourself. Whether you are aware or unaware of the enormous love
in your heart, give it anyway.
Let the love in your heart venture out. Let it go out to play. Don't
tell it to go away and come back another day.
Do not keep score with love. You are to keep giving it the way a
magician pulls an endless chain of handkerchiefs from his pocket.
Love is not to be held in reserve. It is to be give immediately.
Love has to be circulated. Your love has to be circulated.
When you feel negativity, turn your mind away from it. Turn your
mind toward positivity. As with a bow and arrow, aim for what you want to
hit. Positivity is what you want, isn't it? Aim for it. Keep your eye on it.
Keep your mind on it.
In the world of opposites, anything that is not positive is
negative. I do not say that the negative is real. It is not. That's why you
want to stay away from it. The negative is like a sore that you pick at.
Leave it alone. Find something else to do. Think about the glories of
This is not making yourself false. This is leading yourself to
Truth. The only Real is love. Less than love is false. If you choose Truth,
choose it. If you choose Truth, there is no choice but to choose love. Even
a little love is love. Water is water. Love is love. A drop of water is
still water. A drop of love is still love. And love can only multiply. It
can never evaporate.
What stands in the way of love? What puts on armor and tries to
block love? What but ego, beloveds? What but some kind of false pride? When
you know you are already loved, you will not count love like beads anymore.
You will not keep it to you. You will not attempt to hoard it. You will
embrace your love, not by clasping it with your arms, but by opening your
arms wide and letting the love stream from you. A lot of work has
gone into the stoppage of love. The stoppage of love has been upheld. "Don't
be a fool," the world says. "Love is a commodity," the stock exchange says.
And then bargains are made with love. Love cannot be bargained for. Love is
compromised. Love has to be given, or it is not love. It cannot be given for
a price. If you sell your love, you sell it too cheap. Your love is to be
given the way a sower sows wheat, up and down every row. There is no debate
about it. There is no long consultation. The mind is not asked at every
turn "Here? or there?" The arm sows the wheat. Your heart sows love.
Why are you so adamant that you can't love this one or that? Be as
adamant that love is for you to give, not withhold. Love your enemies.
Forswear the concept of enemy. There is no virtue in it. There is only pain.
Admit to yourself, there are those you would like to hurt. You say you just
want them to be sorry. You want them to be as aggrieved with themselves as
you are with them. You would give them your agony. Beloveds, silently give
them your love instead. Silently give them My love. Plunge into the stream
of love I have given you to swim in, and splash, and splash.

Copyright@ July 14, 2006

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