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HEAVEN #2065 A Sparkling World July 1, 2006

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HEAVEN #2065 A Sparkling World July 1, 2006

God said:

The world has become complicated. There are so many forms to fill out, boxes to check, so many things to buy, so many choices.

As much as you can, seek simplicity. One is simple. One bowl. One table. Remember Oneness in all areas of life. Make no purchases for one week.

Till your own field.

Go barefoot.

Greet the one rising sun in the morning, note the multitude of stars at night, adopt one as your own, name it, and kiss the moon goodnight.

A bed of hay under the night sky is welcome.

Let life be imperfect. Do not iron one day. Just gaze at the greenery. Pick some flowers, and arrange them as though you are carefree.

Walk in puddles and muddy your shoes, or take them off and squeeze the mud with your toes.

Depart from the well-worn path. For one day, go down a new road.
Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed. Turn your life into a poem today. Become as the little child.

Have one companion today, and let it be I. Show Me the sights. I will look. Talk to Me. I will listen. Let your heart revel in Me. I will revel in you. Two Friends today shall walk the road of life together, hand in hand, and often in silence, understanding established, perhaps unspoken.

Show Me the star in the firmament that you have chosen, and give it a name. Do not number it. Choose a name for your star, and We will keep that name private between Us. When you look up at your star tomorrow night and from then on, you will remember Our walk that We took in the silence of Our love.

When life seems complicated, remember Our walk. Then you will hopscotch in life. You will not have to step on every stone. And, so, you will not address every detail in life. You will not have to do everything the world says you must.

You do not have to compete. Money does not have to be King. You can smile at everyone. You can say and do something unexpectedly wonderful. You will not know what it is ahead of time. You will surprise yourself.
Beloveds, you must surprise yourself, and really get to know the Indweller.

Purchase yourself out of bondage, beloveds. You are your own redeemer. You are the stitch you pull through the cloth of yourself. It is yourself you weave. It is yourself you discover. Like Me, you have always been. Unlike Me, you haven't seen. You've been too busy looking at everything else.

There is a treasure right before you, and you have been stepping over it. So accustomed are you, you haven't noticed. Look inward first, beloveds, and then cast your eyes over the world. It will be to the benefit of the world, your eyes that have seen the glory, for then, you will give light. You will bequeath what you have seen.

So, today, see yourself and see the world fresh-eyed. You will see a sparkling world, and your heart will soar to Heaven, and it will stay.

Copyright@ July 1, 2006

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