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HEAVEN #2064 Let Your Heart Ascend June 30, 2006

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HEAVEN #2064 Let Your Heart Ascend June 30, 2006

God said:

Open your hearts beloved, come what may.

The value of your heart cannot depend upon what is fed to it.

If your heart waits for conditions and circumstances to be perfect before it gives, your heart will be weak-muscled. Your heart has to be in the habit of love all the time, night and day, rain and shine. Your heart is not to wait for signals from the outside. Your heart beats on its own merits. Your heart does not have to practice. It is always involved in the real thing.

Looking for a cue means waiting for something. Your heart is meant to wait for nothing. It is to go ahead regardless of what ships appear or don't appear over the horizon. Your heart is to lead itself.

Or consider your heart an express train. One train doesn't wait for another. It just goes its appointed course regardless of where other trains are going. It doesn't get its input from other trains.

And so your heart is to chug along. It is an express, and it doesn't start and stop according to the weather. Or we could say it's always starting, always letting everyone come on board, easily and automatically.
Whoever appears before the train is received and honored. The train bows to all, and kneels to none.

The train we describe as Our heart is shiny and bright. Another train may be out of steam, but Ours, never. Our heart of love is always full and always sending out its love as it streams along the track of life.

You somehow got the idea that your heart is yours and that it belongs to you to do with as you will, that it is yours to give and yours to withhold, yours to give and yours to plug, yours to give and yours to decide where and when. Your heart is Mine, and My heart is never exclusive. My heart doesn't nitpick. My heart doesn't clutch to itself as if it could catch a cold.

Your heart is to follow Mine, not some censuring whim of the errant mind. The mind is not meant to be the engineer to tell your heart to stop and go. Your mind is to tell your heart, once and for all:

"Go. Go like a charger. Be a lighthouse whose light is always on.
Give out your love fully at every moment. Never stint on it. A happy heart gives, and I want your heart to be happy. I, your mind, will not be a strict disciplinarian. I will not be a disciplinarian at all. I will make sure that there is no gate at the entrance to your heart. I will make sure your heart is always open. That is what I will tell you to do. I will make sure that you ceaselessly offer your heart to all who pass by and to all those who are far away, for I, your mind, know what you are to do, and I enable you now.
No longer will I interfere and label one person worth love and another not.

"I will accept, once and for all, that one beat of you, Heart, is worth more than a thousand of my perambulations, calculations, and ratings.
No longer will I be your director. No longer will I tell you to use caution and wait. No longer will I undermine you. No longer will I exact anything from you, Heart That Beats, except the love that is yours to give, to give in an ever-widening circle, to give in the fullness that God gave you to give. How silly I have been to interfere even once with the giving of a heart as big as yours. Now, graciously, I ask you to take precedence over me. I can think, but you can love. For this, I take off my hat to you."

Copyright@ June 30, 2006

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