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The story of Giuliano

I downloaded e-book #1 of Heavenletters in Italian. My thirst is terrible, it makes me run like a madman, but I feel this is good, and I plunge into anything that makes me feel good.

My nickname is Giuliano, but my real name is Mario Giovanni Bulgarelli, I’ve been married for 22 years and I live and work in Reggio Emilia. My life is full of great events. At the age of 18 months my legs were paralyzed, and I passed all my youth in hospitals and institutes for handicapped people, but I never really felt handicapped. When I was 18 years old, I had one of my legs operated, because I wanted to dance and not to be a burden for anyone. And I can guarantee that I made it, and I was very happy about it. I ruined the operation, but I didn’t suffer because I won that hard battle and reduced my complexes a lot.

At the age of 22, I was a real orator. Ever since I was a small boy, I used to relieve people’s suffering by telling stories. I was rather good at it, and it was then that I understood many things about life and death.

I met a monk in an abandoned monastery, I helped him in his work as a herborist and acupuncturist. I was fascinated by all this, and as I followed him while he cured many persons with God’s Love, I learned the Art of Love, just like God tells us in Heavenletters... All this I lived with that munk, and I was truly happy. I say this because after some years I met my wife, yes, among our patients. I learned everything about the natural cures, but I wasn’t able to give continuity to that Love that was guiding me. With the first money I asked for the treatments, the happiness I felt vanished as if by magic.

God has always helped me and I always heard Him whisper the treatments for my patients… But since some years now, I haven’t been able to hear Him anymore. I stopped doing acupuncture and also working with the herbs. I was persecuted by a feeling of emptiness. Now I work as a naturopath, and many people are happy with me, but I was not, because I couldn’t feel His touch…

In Heavenletters I found Him again and now I know what to do...

I give you a warm greeting in the Love of the One Who laughs heartily on our little burdens.