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HEAVEN #2057 A God Song June 23, 2006

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HEAVEN #2057 A God Song June 23, 2006

God said:

The earth is burgeoning with splendor. There is always a process of splendor going on. Like waves of the ocean, there are crests on Earth. A flower shoots up, grows tall, blooms, and then bends back from whence it came. The bird sings a God song, and there is the silence in between. Green becomes greener. Fruit bursts on the tree, and life is proclaimed. Spring becomes summer, and then there is a wave of autumn and then winter. Winter covers the fledgling flowers until they are ready for flight again in the spring. .

How intimate is every season, and how each propels the universe. It is a cycle of love, beloveds, waves of the ocean, the crests and the troughs, each supporting the other. There is no difference between day and night except for the side of the Earth you are on. All the changes, all the movement, are merely the fullness of the ocean enjoying itself. The ocean bursts in waves, and, beloveds, you are also a wave of the ocean.

You might as well do somersaults of joy. You might as well be a wave that reaches great heights, for I created you a wave of love. How far the energy of the ocean reaches. It reaches as far as love. Love is visited upon you on Earth, love impossible to resist, and you are an emanator of it. Love will make you smile right now. You are sunlight bobbing along on Earth, sunlight of hearts, igniter of love. You spark love. This is your meaning. You have no other.

If you have been searching for meaning in your life, now you have found it. Now you know what it is. And now you can get going. Your search is done. Now you strew petals of love from your heart, infinite petals from an infinite heart. There is no running out of love. There is just giving it.
That is the key. That is the secret of life on Earth. There is nothing else you have to do. There is nothing else you can do. There is nothing else for you to do. There is nothing else that can be done. The flame of love cannot be put out. The world has tried, and it has not succeeded.

The planet that you presently find yourself on is meant to be a school of love, and you are to lead a life of love. There is no getting away from it. There is no getting out of it. You have love to give, and you have to give it. The die is cast.

You have a heart as big as Earth, and your heart is fertile soil for love to grow in. Plant more love in your heart today. Picture it, beloveds.
As you work in your garden, work in your heart. Plant messages in your heart as if they were roses or columbines. Plant them, and they will blossom without effort from you. Love here, love there, love everywhere.

There is no end to love. And there is no end to your giving it. You cannot catch up with love. For every blossom picked, two more grow. You are an extender of My love. We could say you are a wand of My love. I will say it. You are a wand of My love, and I wave you everywhere. Love like stars falls from My wand, and the stars rise again only to bounce back down.

What else but love could be the meaning of life? Can you think of something else? How dreary anything else seems next to love. Money, fame, power - what good are they without love. At best, they are weak substitutes for love. They can only go so far, and they are momentary whereas love, even a little of it, is worth than the most expensive castle. You know this is true.

So now, get up, and get busy learning how to give love for all you are worth.

Copyright@ June 23, 2006

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