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HEAVEN #2053 A Million Stars and One Noble Moon June 19, 200

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HEAVEN #2053 A Million Stars and One Noble Moon June 19, 2006

God said:

Something wonderful is going to happen today. Look for it. It won’t be hiding, yet you have to be alert, or you might miss it. You could be looking the other way and not see the red cardinal on the tree limb before you. You could be driving past a field of horses or cows or lambs and looking so far ahead that you don’t see them, or catch only a glimpse of them in the corner of your eye after you have driven past.

This is the most beautiful day of your life. The sun is rising. The universe is stirring. May your heart stir the same. May you rise to the occasion of today. This is a most precious day. It is one that will go down in memory. A trace of each face you see, path you walk, will accompany you in all the days to come. There will never be another moment of this perfect day precisely like this. The light falls on the trees in a certain way, a moment of light that is passing as We speak. This life today spins like a windmill blown by My breath.

What possible fault can you find with today? Today is here before you, innocent, ready to go, waiting for you to take it and wrest all the juice from it. Today has arrived. This is the day you have been waiting for.
Donate to it. You can never give it all it gives you, but you can make a gesture. You can show your heart. You can offer a handsome tip. You can let this day know you appreciate it. Do not take today as an everyday occurrence. It is one in a lifetime. And here it is, Cinderella’s coach waiting for you. It too will disband at midnight, and another unique day take its place, but it is today that We travel in now. There is no other day like today.

Another day follows, yet it cannot take today’s place. Right now the replacement of the irreplaceable is tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day.

Today is the spotlight on your life. Whatever your day holds for you, and you hold for it, you are a person of means. This day is expressly for you, and it offers itself to you with a great bow from the waist. It would usher you forward. It would like to show you the sights. It would like you to travel with it. It would like you to be sight-seer, yes, and it would also like you to be one who paves the day and gives tribute to it, at least a fair shake. Today wants to be known for itself, and not a shadow that your mind casts on it.

Wherever you may be, this beautiful day has come all the way to see you. It has found you wherever you are. It has come all this way just for you. It knows it would not exist if it were not for you to enjoy it. The day says to itself:

“What good would I be without you passing through my hall? What am I for if not for you? It is true I am automatic. I follow a certain schedule and path, and yet I have life myself too, and I desire your pleasure. I would do anything for you. I would give you anything and everything. I would be the hors d’oeuvre table set before you. I would be the entrée and the dessert. And then as I come closer to the end of my spin, I would cover you with a million stars and one noble moon, and I would tip my hat to you and say, Adieu, adieu. When you wake, an even greater day with great momentum will greet you, and yet we know, that there never was any other day like me under the sun anywhere in the universe, and I will never come back again.”

Copyright@ June 19, 2006

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