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From Bernie Siegel #2052 A Gift from the Universe

"Today is handed to you, and it is yours to do with as you will. You may say you will it to be beautiful. Then consider the gift of today that I gave you like a coloring book and crayons. You have to color it in. You have all the colors to choose from. Even if the day is partly colored in, you have a lot to do with coloring in this page.

"You may find yourself in a dark mood, but moods are by their nature changeable. Pick up a different crayon, beloveds. This is a day in your life. Make it as you will."

i do a lot of work with people's drawings
and every color has meaning and is universal

purple and yellow are God's favorites
purple is spiritual and yellow energy
and it is not an accident when people choose certain colors when they draw themselves, family, illness etc.

Peace, Bernie

purple & yellow

Also, I notice that the swami's in Indian traditions wear orange, which is purple mixed with yellow...
Love prevails.
I have all I need. I have no complaints whatsoever.