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dearest gloria ji

thanks a lot for the email, we all read it with great interest.... the wonderful expressions of Heavenletters have touched my heart as always. you know, i strongly feel that here is the Heaven when we are in true love and understanding.... Heavenletters take me in Heaven all the time , thanks a lot for your all the cooperation....

we had a great dinner yesterday at HVP, many good friends came to join us, and sang the song - raghupati raghav raja ram....i'm happy.... actually love also needs time to be strengthened.

Aama ( my mother ) is in Kathmandu now a days , so all are happy.... her deep spiritual character is an inspiration for all of us. the teachers - vishnu, ghanshyam, sumitra etc are fact, a good institution or a good movement exist on the good people, not on the materials or money.

rest is fine here, the HVP (Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal) schools are going on. SSA (Youth Society for Peace) is going to organize a big program for Peace very soon. Ashram has recently started a Self Study Session as well for the local underprivileged kids in the evening which gives a practical support to kids for their study and behavioral improvement etc.

We have planned to do some programs here in Nepal to highlight the International Day of Peace , September 21 ,2005. We are looking for your suggestions and prayers for this great event. As you might know that the Maoist have announced the cease fire again ,so let's hope this cease fire will changed into sustainable peace and spiritual peace. I pray.

The Talk programme aims to empower the youth to develop the consciousness of peace with his/her peers and within himself .It will encourage the youths to understand Peace in totality and find out their role as well to reform it and realize it. The talks will be organized throughout the week ( 16th- 22nd September ) in around 10 different colleges in Nepal in coordination of Youth Society for Peace.

We are organizing poem competition among the children to encourage the children to express their creativity and realize the importance of peace themselves and be able to express their opinions through the medium of words. Ever since the beginning of our establishment, we have been conducting a programme for children with the theme of " Seeds of Peace", which is organized every Saturday morning. The poem competition will be organized among the children of seeds of peace on 17th September. 3 prominent writers and poets of Nepal will be invited to judge the children's poems. Best three contributors will be given attractive prizes, which will be sponsored by interested individuals or organizations.

We aim to spread the message and importance of the International Day of Peace through the awareness-raising rally. The rally with the theme of " Peace and Sprituality for Humanity" will inform the people about the interconnection between these three aspects. More than 1000 youths, social workers and peace lovers/workers will participate in the rally. Besides that, the prominent religious leaders of different religions of Nepal ( Hindu, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Christians ) will be with us.

pls take care , namaste to all of your friends and family members.

cm yogi