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HEAVEN #2045 Let Your Love Rise, Beloveds June 11, 2006

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HEAVEN #2045 Let Your Love Rise, Beloveds June 11, 2006

God said:

Get over the idea that you must have love coming to you. You are already loved. I am your Great Love. You don't have to have adoration from anyone else. You have thought you do. You have thought your existence depends upon adoration from outside. Beloveds, no one has to love you. You are one who has to love.

This is freeing for you, beloveds. Just think of it. No one has to adore you. No certain number of people have to adore you. There is one person who must give love, and that is you. You are the one to give love and give it and give it, not until it hurts, but until you know nothing else but to give love. You radiate it. That is how you give it. You emanate it. That is how you give it. You are a light that gives light. The light is complete around you, not in bits and snatches.

In bits and snatches is how you used to give love. A lot here, a little there, none in some areas. It used to be that your love was like a broken wheel that bulged here and there and was broken in other places. Now you are a balloon tire, filled with love, and the world rides on your love.

Please don't narrow your love anywhere. Do not withdraw it from where it has been given. Continue to give it silently from your heart. It will find its way. You don't have to set off flares. Let your love flow like a mountain stream. It is not your concern who drinks from your love. All you have to do is give it, and you give it in inclement weather as well as in full sun.

You are one who loves. You are the determiner of the love you give.
No clamping your heart here and there because someone withdrew their love. That was their privilege, but it is not yours. Your privilege is to love in a continuous stream. Your love needs no specific object nor must you be the object of someone else's love. Love is for all. No one is to be kept out from your love. Let that heart of yours pump its love. It will become a fountain that splashes everywhere. Cooling waters, beloved. Let your love be cooling waters. Your love does not have to be hot flames.

Have your attention on the love you give. Never mind about love received, for then you are jumping on the wrong foot.

A beautiful flower blooms. That is enough. The flower doesn't wax and wane according to who looks at it or what they seem to think. The flower knows what it is and what it's to do. With every atom of its being, it emits love. No permission is needed as to whom or how many may look upon its beauty. All receive its scent. There are no restrictions. For the life of the flower, it gives its love totally. It gives its love for the beautification of the world.

And so is your love. Someone has hurt your feelings now? Close your eyes and picture your love and My blessings flowing to the one you feel caused the hurt. And if you have hurt someone's feelings, send your love and My blessings the same. And when you see someone hurting, even if you don't know their name, let your love rise to them the same. When someone's finger has closed on the trigger of a rifle, pour your love the same. Let your love rise, beloveds.

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