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HEAVEN #2044 So That Stars May Alight June 10, 2006

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HEAVEN #2044 So That Stars May Alight June 10, 2006

God said:

Attachment is a big bugaboo for you. You get your foot caught in a bear trap again and again, and you are the one who keeps setting the trap.
Attachment comes from the idea that you must have. The idea that you must have comes from the idea that you can lack. You cannot lack Me, beloveds.

The greatest attachment trap you set is with people you are fond of.
You begin to think they owe you, and so the trap is set, and you get your foot caught. Begin from the premise that no one owes you anything, certainly not love and not evidence of love. The opposite of attachment and that which you must give is freedom. Set everyone free to come and go in your life as they please.

You are not a warden of a prison where people have to serve a sentence. No one is indentured to you. And so open your heart to all, and let them come, and let them go. There is nothing and no one that you need to hold on to.

Notice how free my grasp is. I love all. I hold all in the palm of My hand, and I let everyone run around and play as they choose. No one has to pay homage to Me, beloveds, and no one has to pay homage to you.

If someone sends you flowers every day for a year, they do not have to send you flowers today. They are free. The flowers have been beautiful, well-sent and well-received, and you had the enjoyment of them. You would not want to receive artificial flowers. The flowers sent to you were fresh for as long as they were fresh. Let your heart feel gratitude for your year of flowers. The joy you received is now received by another. Can you let your joy be spread and go further, even when it is down a different street?

What is it exactly that your heart aches for? The past, beloveds?
Let the past be gone, and the new present enter. Life cannot be frozen in space and time. Be glad for the freedom you give, and the freedom you now receive.

No one is beholden to you, and you are beholden to no one. The tide of events is the tide of events. Life is not a list you make. You may give a party, but it is not for you to say how long the guests must stay. Have an open-door policy with your heart. Your heart is to always be open, and all are to come and go as they please. Beloved sons and daughters, your heart is to stay open all hours. Is that clear?

This is for your own happiness. This is not because you owe anything except to yourself. When you close your heart, you are expressing that you are sorry you opened it. Do not regret that you opened your heart. Your heart was a great gift, and so it must remain. Love from your heart is not dependent upon whether someone stays or leaves. Your heart is not a juke-box that has to be filled with coins in order to play.

Instead of mourning the course of events and the circumstances you call the loss of a love, acknowledge the love in your heart. Send blessings.
Strew confetti made of little hearts in honor of a love that has moved on.
Send balloons skyward. "Farewell, beloved. Be free. I give you a beautiful send-off. Blessings to you."

Keep your heart open. Even if no one enters for a while, keep your heart open. Now is the time to open your heart even more. All that needs to be healed is the closing of your heart, and to heal that, you merely open it and keep it open so that stars may alight in the center of your heart and
brighten it.

Copyright@ June 10, 2006

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