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HEAVEN #2039 A Heavenletter Is Written June 5, 2006

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HEAVEN #2039 A Heavenletter Is Written June 5, 2006

God said:

You cannot unknot the threads of life, nor can you predict them. You may think that some stitches have been dropped or entwined in the wrong place, but the tapestry of life follows a design beyond your ken, and, yet, you are a weaver of it. You work the loom of life. In and out go the sleys, faster than your fingers, and yet your fingers go fast. They whirl in flight as life is sewn. Your eyes see a small part of the carpet you weave, and yet you can't take your eyes off it.

There is yet a Master Weaver who plays a flute that you vaguely hear above the clicking of the loom. He supplies you with the colors and the yarn. You are always supplied. You reach your hand out, and a new skein is there. Weaving in and out go your fingers. You follow the rhythm of the Weaver Who is a Master Flautist as well. He is a Receiver of your goods. He supplies you, and you supply Him. You and the Weaver and the One Who plays the flute are as interconnected as the threads you weave. It is hard to discern who is the seller and the buyer. Warp and woof click along rapidly.

At night the looms, for all intents and purposes, are still, and yet the cloth is woven in the stillness. Who knows what dreams the cloth is made of. The threads are dyed. Each breath of yours weaves the mystery still in stillness. There is great continuity. Interruption is not. Pause is merely timelessness. The energy of the looms goes on. The energy is ceaseless, the same way your heart beats. It beats a song. All the hearts weave themselves as it were. All follow the pattern and the beat that the Master of Infinity started. All is play bounced off from the first note, the note that is still playing in the background and in the hearts of all.

Your heart weaves the loom of life. Your heart calls the tunes. Your hands, connected to the heart, weave a tapestry of song.

Notes are played out, one after the other. Threads are sewn, stitches in and out, and notes exchange themselves, seemingly random yet played with a firmness. There are no loose stitches, and there are no wayward notes. All is an ensemble, like a dance where the dancers meet together, the same way woven cloth is draped, hands taking the corners, bringing the cloth together, and the notes meet in continuously played music. In and out go the notes. Click clack go the knitting needles and the trains along the tracks. Clickety-clack. The music comes from all directions. And yet, one song is sung. One song is heard. One orchestra plays the one song. The song is passed from mountain to mountain.

The crickets sing it. The birds take wing. The stars contribute. The sunrise plays a soft note, high noon a crescendo. And yet all is overture.
All is preamble. The real moment goes on behind the scenes. Beyond the curtains a master performance goes on. The key on the piano is pressed, and the note is played on the intertwined stage of Earth. This is a stellar performance. Know that notes make music, and stitches sew cloth. Your heart has been called to this concert. You take your position. The loom sings its song, your fingers fly, and the most beautiful flute music is heard ever so faintly, calling you to vespers.

Copyright@ June 5, 2006

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re:a heaven letter is written

I recently read that, just as words that would put one down, praise is not something to be aspired to or that "should" be uttered...because it has it's origens in ego, I believe was the reason...and yet, I don't always follow instructions very well...I'm a bit of a rebellious child...and as such and so...Here's to this letter with all it's wonderful words of wisdom and also to it's incredibly accomplshed writing is no less of a work of art than a Bethoven's symphony or a michelangelo painting...I really am wowed by its manner of speaking...of how it can relay such a profound message through such simplicity, grace and words that I only wish to be able to kudos to God and Gloria...hip-hip-hooray...well done just doesn't even give it justice, but truly well done:) love, mike:)

Thanks for the cheering, Mike!

Dear, Mike, I know the Heavenletter you're referring to! But God's the exception -- hey, we can always praise Him/Her!

Thank you for your appreciation and for posting it.

You know I can take no credit for the words. In fact, I would be glad if you told me what this Heavenletter means! I sorta get it but...

With love and blessings,


P.S. You don't exactly have a bad way with words yourself!

re: dear mike

Gloria, with all due respect, you muuuust be joshin me:)...u mean to tell me that you don't have a literary background that would provide a backdrop for these words to come forth? Actually that would make all this even that much more magical....I have to look so many of them up (which I absolutely love) because I haven't heard of them...actually, it matters not really if it's all God or if it's God "using" talents that you've me, the instrument and the player are one in the same and I'm pretty sure we're all here to awaken to and live our Godliness all this is really a moot point...or maybe u r a great writer but normally wouldn't write in such a way or of such things?...anyway, regardless, you're something special cause u r God's Holy Child and cause u allow for this message to reach all God's Children if such be the choice...Blessings and I'll always be blown away by your God's letters or God's your letters...tomatoe...tomahto...:)'s miguel:)

p.s. I was thinking about which one of the disciples I would have been in the time of Jesus and though we all have a little bit of each, I'm thinking Mary Magdalene for her Essene background and her throw all caution to the wind way of being and then Judas and Thomas for still not totally believing in or utilizing the transcendent Power that IS, Spiritual Truth...anyway, just thinking on things...:)


Mary Magdalene -- you wish!!!!

Mike, I understand the individual words, but the whole Heavenletter I don't quite. I loved it. I loved it as it was writing, and I love it still. I love that I don't altogether understand it too!

I was an English major. My own writing, though much easier since Godwriting, tends to be labored, requiring revision more than once. I used to stay up to 3 a.m., trying to get one line of a poem right and didn't succeed.

Godwriting is a whole different ballgame. The Heavenletters stream out. That one didn't take more than twenty minutes.

Have you visited the Heaven blog? There you will find some of Gloria's current writing!

With love and blessings,