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LOVE is essential for healing, wholeness, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity. With everything else that so many people try when healing is needed, and for many other human challenges, it is really love that is most needed. Most illnesses can be traced back to a lack of love: the lack of giving and receiving love. From my own experience, and from that revealed to me by so many other people, you can love your body into wellness, you can love your finances into a wealthier condition, and you can make every area of your life healthier through the application of love.

By applying love to the areas of your life that need attention, you set up a higher vibration of spiritual energy that dissolves inharmony and sets you free to experience the greater good God has for you.

Love is your full-filling power. That is because love is all that God is. When you consciously give more love to whatever area needs it, you allow yourself to be a channel through which more of God may flow. Love really is your greatest, most powerful energy to heal whatever needs to be restored to harmony and order.

Sig Paulson wrote: “Give your attention to the feeling of love, and something pretty wonderful will begin to take place in you. To feel love is to feel God, and to feel God is to ‘practice the presence’ of God, to share in the activity of God. The resulting ecstasy might be described as delicious.”

Your full-filling power is love. Generate, express and radiate more and more love and your life will be rosier, your relationships will be happier, your body healthier, and your prosperity more abundant. – Lovingly, Rev. John W. Adams

Live Life Lovingly!

Rev. John W. Adams, Unity Minister,

Prosperity & Life Coach


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Dear Rev John,

You say so simply all there really is to say. Thank you.

I hope Bernie Siegel, M.D., reads your entry. He was one of the early pioneers of mind/body/spirit medicine. He has a lot to tell us about the power of love.

God in Heavenletters has said that all healing comes from the healing of the heart.

We all love to be in the presence of love. And we know it when we see it.


for healing with love I found this article that suits here - in my opinion:

Healing Through Love
by Marilyn Innerfeld

The magnificence and perfection of each of us simply is. We do not
have to become monks in order to lead spiritual, healthy lives. We do
not have to be vegetarians, or wear flowing robes, or sit in
meditation for hours each day. There is no spiritual "path," because
everything is spiritual and all choices are equal. We can work and be
parents, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters,
honoring Self and others in each moment. No one is greater than
another, for we are all the same. We are here because we chose to
experience Self as God. And we all are God.

What we should always honor is our responsibility to Self. We can
choose to experience each day in peace, in order to communicate with
the silence within. We can choose to honor the physical and never
harbor it any ill will. We can choose to perceive ourSelves as
perfect, just as we can choose to see perfection in all things and all

Imagine how wonderful it would be if we could visit medical
professionals and, rather than asking, "What is wrong?" they would ask
instead, "What is your experience?" This simple dialogue would enable
us to maintain personal power, rather than diminish our role as a
partner and healer. It would also remove judgment, for illness is not
"wrong"; it is simply a creation through choice. As we embrace
responsibility for Self, we learn to make choices in self Love.

When we love ourSelves, we cannot fool ourSelves into believing we are
what we are not. Many people perceive their realities so differently
from their truth. When asked, many clients tell me that they drink so
much water each day, and yet, when pushed to count the number, some
barely get to four glasses per day. Many people purchase nutritional
supplements and forget to take them; many eat unhealthty foods,
thinking they are fooling someone outside of themSelves; and many are
in denial of their emotional make-up, refusing to see their reactions
to others as the truth of who they are.

As we acknowledge that we are God, we then embrace responsibility for
each moment of our lives. We have always created our lives, but when
we understand and accept our power, we begin to choose to live in
joy...and love.

Health and well-being are experienced through choice. We should never
take a moment of our lives for granted; nor should we take anything
for granted, for that matter. We can always choose to make the time to
honor the people in our lives, as well as the environment we have
chosen. Most importantly, we should honor the magnificence of Self.

If you are suffering from any ailment in this moment, know in your
heart that it exists as your Teacher. You are the Student. You can
choose to learn from your creation of illness by looking into your
heart. Discern your choices of self Love prior to this moment. Accept
the responsibility for this perfect creation. Acknowledge your
experience as it is. Honor yourSelf from this moment forth, on all
levels of mind, body and spirit. Choose to live fully and powerfully.
And celebrate being you!

When experiencing love, you recognize the perfection of Self and the
perfection of All. We can all choose to learn to release judgment of
everyone and everything around us. Why is it that, when we look upon a
tree with damaged branches, we accept the tree as it is with its
perceived imperfection, yet, in many instances, when we look upon
another person we judge as imperfect, we turn away? As you come into
the acceptance of your own perfection, you cannot help but see
perfection in all things.

Self-empowerment offers you all the tools you need to create wellness
in your body. There is no one outside yourSelf who can heal you,
although many can help you release the physical symptoms of your
creation. It is important to recognize that, as creator of your
illness, you are equally the healer of your illness. The root cause
should be addressed, and it is important to face your choices of
self-diminishment and to release them once and for all, in order to
move into the rest of your life in harmony and balance.

Stop looking outside yourSelf for answers. You have all the answers
within your heart. We each, as human Beings who have chosen this
physical existence, are here with great purpose. Choose to accept
yourSelf unconditionally, and then embrace the choices necessary to
change your life and the experience of self Love. Illness is nothing
more than an experience of life and living. You have the power to
change the choices which brought forth this experience and live in
total joy and love.

Learn to flow in joy each moment. Release judgment of Self and others.
Appreciate the small wonders of your life. Share good thoughts and
release all other thoughts. Honor your body and your soul. Choose
activities which bring you joy. Accept and embrace your power and use
it purposefully and honorably. Share your love, and love yourSelf. And
as this way of choosing to live each moment of your day becomes a
pattern for your life, know that you will not only heal yourSelf, but
you will heal all others...through love.

About the Author: Marilyn Innerfeld is co-founder of The Worldwide
Center located in Evergreen, Colorado. She is a medical intuitive, a
certified hypnotherapist, and a long-time member of the International
Association of Counselors and Therapists. Marilyn has studied
nutritional therapies as well as Chinese medicine. She has a mastery
of past-life regression in her work as a hypnotherapist, but is
currently focused on total wellness through the elimination of
present-life issues and blocks. Marilyn has healed from cancer and
uses her personal experience to assist her in her work. Visit the
Center's website at