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HEAVEN #2025 One Exultant Moment May 22, 2006

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HEAVEN #2025 One Exultant Moment May 22, 2006

God said:

You know, beloveds, you would like to be in a state of perpetual excitement, yet you cannot ride on the roller coaster all the time.
Blessings are heaped upon you at every moment, and yet you want an avalanche of blessings to overtake you all at once. You could not sustain an avalanche, beloveds. Yet I am getting you ready for great blessings.

The day will come when your happiness is so supreme that nothing will alter it. No matter if the world adores you, carries you proudly through the streets, you will not be raised higher. Equally, if you should lose favor in the world and be thrown to the ground, your spirits will not dampen. What difference can there be for you when you are well aware of the resident God within you?

You are being trained for this, beloveds. There will be no more high's and low's. There will simply be an even road of happiness. Even if you walked barefoot on gravel, even if you were picked up and thrown off a cliff, you wouldn't falter. Your vision and state of Being would stay true to your happiness.

If you were thrown over the horizon, across the moon, hung on stars, what difference would there be for you? If you were in the dark, you would still know light.
If you were in a dungeon, you would still know Heaven.

ll this because you would know implicitly the God within.

If you were in a boat that I steered, would you have concern over where We were going?

f you were borne on My shoulders, would you worry about slipping off?

If We held hands, would you question whether it was My hand or not?

For a minute, you are on Earth. You think it is a lifetime, but it is a minute, beloveds. If you knew it were only for the briefest moment, what would bother you? What is there you would have too much of or not enough? For this one brief moment on Earth, what is there you would not enjoy? What sunrise or sunset would you be cavalier about? If you caught a bus or missed it, what would you care? In this brief moment, everything would matter more, and everything would matter not at all.

The question is not to be or not to be. You have always been, and you will always be. The question is what will you do with this minute on Earth? What will you uphold, and what will you put down?

When you have one minute on Earth, what opportunity for love would you save for later? What would you hesitate about? Would you wait to smile?
Would laughter not fall as unexpectedly as tears?

In this one moment of existence in a Human body on Earth, what is there you would not be glad for, and even grateful for? Your temper would no longer exist - where would it have gone? What could make you angry in this passing moment when you know this is the only time you have on Earth? If it rained, you would exult in it. If there were drought, and you were thirsty, you would be receptive to the one moment of thirst, for you would be experiencing life.

There would be many things you would not do. Is it safe to say that you would not spend your one minute reading the newspaper or watching TV? Is it safe to say that you would not tut-tut about anything? Is it not safe to say that you would bless this moment and say in one exultant moment, "Thank You, God."

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