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Three trees.

I was young once.
I grew up.

Now, into life; I wonder how the wandering, the skullduggery, the drugery, the curbed urges, the mighty purges, the far flung far afield yielding Might have hurt My Friends: I didn't know were thinking of me, while I chipped away at chopped ice, and stomped out the fires set in ash tree. ( Trays)

I will not let go [Ah ho] what I knew of the way to go.
I grow, "Let Go?", find in the hole a turtle shell. Oh well! Oh well!

The pitch? Like this. I made a wish. Oh well! So swell!
One cent. One penny. 5 to a nickle. Five. Quarter to one.
Mine eye hast sceen the gory of the pouring of the rain. Oh Yes.

I have glimpsed at past past the history of 6,400 year man's journey.

Prehistory, will any man know?

Predawn? Will any one see? Say.
O Lay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clearly with eyes, blue or brown or green or grey or violet?

Oh Tiger. Oh Buddy. Oh my oh my oh my.
I won't ask why.
The water got muddy.
But hurry.

Off that squirrell skurry.