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10:55 on the Dot

Looked upon from the right
The time on the clock
But also life
Is seen as 7 before 11
From the left
It's viewed as 3 before the hour
And straight on
10:55 on the dot
Which brought me to this thought
Though we see from different angles
And come from different spots
In a very real way
For us all
It always was and always will be
10:55 on the dot
Why is this so?
What does this mean?
And is it something important enough to continue typing and then read?
Well, for instance
Let's just say, 10:55 represents
Our Inner Voice
That quiet yet powerful reminder of Who We Are
As Inherent Power
That we come upon through choice
Which awaits our "return"
Second upon second
Minute upon minute
Hour upon hour
If only we make this priority ours
For, though, from the right
We may feel ahead of an"other"
More on schedule or on top of our game
In this race
In this experience named life
And, though, from the left
We may feel as if behind
The eight ball
As if lacking a bit or a lot
As if in the midst of some unfortunate lot
In this game
In this race of our aforementioned "life"
Apparently not quite arrived
Could the sun truly be left trailing in the rain, wanting and wet?
Or is the mountain more righteous and favored than a blade of grass; ahead?
That being said
To step
Either direction in our head
In our thoughts
In our heart
We come to the center of it all
To the balancing point that reveals the center of our all
It's 10:55 on the dot
As it always has been from the start
For the short or tall
For the heavy or thin
For the judging or loving
For the innocent and clean or those seemingly all covered with marks or spots
For us all
This is just a thought that came to me today that I thought I'd share
That elevated me for a moment
That elevated me To the Moment
As if a needle in the hay, found
As someone coming upon a piece
The Peace
Of the not only mended but never really once tattered fray
Previously left for dead, all stepped on upon the ground
But that now is known as safe and sound
The Way
Through the making of amends
Through the proclamation of Amen
Which brings Joy of Being
Which unites all beings
On High
That receives
Instead of habitually seeking
That smiles
Instead of reaching yet once again for that "friend", the frown

much love to all, miguel:)