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Translating lol

Gert and I translate the Heavenletters into Dutch and I don´t know if any of the others have had problems sometimes with certain words but yesterday I had no clue what Trey was. Couldn´t find it in my dictionary, couldn´t find in on the free translationsites on the net. So I called Gert who wasn´t home so he couldn´t help me out. I finally emailed Kirt who gave me the answer I needed :lol:
I already had figured it out that it had to be one of the cards of a deck but just didn´t know which one. So does anybody else sometime have this?


Dear Emmy,

Sometimes I have this in translating God! Two words sound alike, and I'm not immediately sure which one I'm supposed to use.

Then it's a different story. I try one. If I can keep it there, it's right. If I can't, it's the other. What do I mean by keeping it there? It gets uncomfortable, and I know I can't keep it!

Translating lol

It was fun though trying to find out what it ment and I was glad Kirt could help out but I keep learning from this...... :D