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Dear friends,

RUwillin, how did you find Heavenletters? Are you a subscriber? Do I know you?!! I noticed that your profile said you had posted one message. I would like to read it but didn't know where to find it. Please reply here to let us know where it's posted!

Regina, Rev John, and Bethel I know very well!

Regina was kind enough to tell me that something I wrote in reponse to her helped her make a life decision! I hope she'll share that and more with us all.

Rev John Adams is a long-time subscriber and internet friend. A Unity Minister, I am hoping Rev John will share with us his beautiful insights on how to attract abundance. I learn a lot from what Rev John writes.

Bethel volunteered (or did I lasso her?) to help out with Heaven matters. She will be taking care of some things that will help me tremendously, like posting Heavenletters properly on the message board -- and more too.
Thanks, Bethel. Adrachin will give me some good instructions, and then I'll pass them on to.

God bless you all for coming here to share your consciousness.

How I know Gloria

Hello Friends,

I am happy to join you here on this discussion board. It is a new kind of board for me . . . I am used to the Yahoo groups . . . so I am curious to see how this will work.

I met Gloria through email several months back. She sent out an email through my friend's (David Hoffmeister) email list asking people to share the story of their spiritual path. Although I didn't understand the guidance at the time, I felt guided to answer her request.

I had several pages regarding my spiritual path in my journal, so I copied them and sent them to Gloria. It was very long. I didn't really expect her to read it, but she did . . . she read every word and commented back to me. So, a few emails went back and forth between us.

Now, it is interesting to note that just prior to all of this, I had received some callings from the Holy Spirit. 1 - The Holy Spirit asked me to write for It. I was told that this is how I would learn. 2 - I'd been guided to offer myself as the new caretaker of the Foundation for the Awakening Mind. I was considering each of these callings, but a thought was holding me back. (An ego thought, to be sure!) I thought that it seemed like the ACIM community was a small one and already had plenty of teachers. I didn't think it needed me. So, all of this was on my mind as I met Gloria.

In one of our emails, I asked her what she did. She wrote back and told me about HeavenLetters. Interestingly enough, she also commented that her work was a lot of responsibility because so many people want to hear the Voice for God.

Ha ha. So there was room for one more Teacher of God after all.

Needless to say, I answered both callings. I quit my job, moved and became the caretaker of David Hoffmeister's foundation. I also write for the Holy Spirit, and I'm now working on a project to let the Holy Spirit interpret the symbolism of the New Testament through me. It is so rewarding! I am very grateful for a chance encounter with Gloria (arranged by HS, I am sure) that encouraged me to say "yes" to the Holy Spirit.

I will share some of the work I do through this discussion board. If you'd like to look at the New Testament work that is currently going on, go to

If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation for the Awakening Mind, you can visit our website at

With Love,


Holy Spirit Voices for God

Dear All, when you said that there was room for one more voice for God, I thought, oh boy, what if everyone was a voice for God, that would put Heaven into everyone's life. What could be better. Then I thought, what if someone wanted to write for God and the Holy Spirit hadn't called them yet. Well, heck, I guess the rest of the called voices would say something to send the Holy Spirit to that person so they would be speaking the Holy Spirit too. I'm going to attend the Doyle's ("Journey that never was" book) seminar on hearing and speaking the Holy Spirit on October 5th in La Mesa. I look forward to meeting Voices for God. Imagine how happy I am to go to such a seminar. I enjoyed reading Reginas email, also am a fan of the Hoffmeisters.


Hi! I'm moving Regina and Margaret's responses over to Other Spiritual Resources where they really belong, it seems to me anyway! Assuming I know how to do it! Well, hmm, it seems I don't. But I will copy and paste over to there, and put in my two cents' worth!