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Davie Speaks

How did you guys know my Mommy called me Davie????

Anyway, I've finished the book, Whew!

Yeah, you got to read it to know what it is all about. Now that I'm doing the ACIM lessons I can see the Old ACIM Teaching isn't exactly in line with the old teachings. I asked Dave Fishman why Dr. H would detail the Illusion to such an extent. He told me to join the Dr. H people on the ACIM Site and ask them (I think it's every Tuesday night or something). Unfortunately my company won't allow me to download Pal Talk because it takes over the computer too much.

Anyway, I see that my T vs. F posting has just stirred up allot of YECH. So, I'll just say, READ THE BOOK! It's very, very, interesting.

One thing it did for me was validate my own insights on certain issues. But like I said, I'm studying ACIM and to detail the Illusion is not what I should be doing right now. However, the Illusion (even for ACIM students) more often than not, is what we deal with. BE HONEST! So, if you want to know the truth about the Illusion, READ THE BOOK!

I have often wondered why, Enlightened Avatars would come back and assist others. Now, most of you would say, "Hey Davie, of course they would, that’s what great Avatars do. They come back and help their fellow man out of the Illusion. But ACIM teaches there is no Illusion, and once your enlightened, you don't see the Illusion, you just see God. And by definition, to heal your Brother is to ultimately realize that there is really nothing wrong with your Brother.

What attracted me to ACIM is this very idea. Because when I was "CLEAR" I only saw God, and there was nothing else. So everyone and everything radiated Joyous, Loving, Light. Heaven was here on earth, and all was well with the world. There was nothing to put right, because there was nothing wrong.

I could not begin, at that point, to go out and assist my Brothers, because I didn't know of any Brother that needed help. In fact, I had no Brothers, because everyone and everything was My Self. All was One, and that One was the Infinite One, existing in perfection. Soooo, who is there to that, needs help???

Yet, that is exactly what these Great Avatars do. They come back to the world to "Save" their Brothers who are lost in the Illusion. And here is Dr. H, he’s “CLEAR”, he’s risen beyond, yet, here he is writing a book detailing the Illusion and pointing out what is true and false about it.

Also, he’s got two new books on the way….

Transcending the Level of Consciousness: The Stairway to God
Devotional Nonduality


I could swear I posted a good reply to your magnificent statement, and where did it go?

I won't do it all over, but I have to express how much your profound writing touches me. Thanks, Davie.