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Welcome Peribanu

Welcome to this forum Peribanu! Your photo is fantastic and mysterious. You are like a sun magnifying the sunlight in midst of white roses. But your eyes are hidden. Can you tell us what is in them? Is Peribanu your name or a nickname? Tell us about yourself in the spiritual journeys section - or maybe in the miracles!

Welcome Peribanu

What a joyous welcome you gave, Paula.

Right away I went to the member list and found Peribanu's photo amidst the beautiful flowers.

I too would like to add my welcome to you, Peribanu.

Blessings and love,


Welcome Peribanu

Thank you Paula and Gloria for the warm welcome :oops:

Peribanu is my real name, given to me by God. I was first a little uncertain to take a female name, but now I have grown in to it and I think it suits me well.
I will maybe later reveal more about me in the spiritual journeys section and in the miracles section, there has been many miracles in my life.

I know that you know what you see in peoples eyes, or else you have not read the Heaven Letters properly :D

I take the opportunity to ask what happend to what I think was called the Heaven Letters greeting cards?
I made two pictures with quotes from heaven letters