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Dear Drena,

So glad you got here!

How did you find Heavenletters? Do you have a miracle to tell us about? Your spiritual journey? Some creative writing? A comment about a Heavenletter?

Looking forward to your posts, Drena!


Hello, new friends. I'm Drena. I live in Ocala, Florida. I'm 82 years old, and I plan to stay around a lot longer because life is beautiful, and now much more so since I discovered Heaven Letters. A friend sent me a copy by e-mail, and I immediately became a subscriber. I'm an artist and I'm active in a senior theatre group, writing comedy skits, directing and acting. I'm a widow, having outlived three husbands (do you think it's my cooking?)-- but I'm not alone! My spiritual journey has been long and joyful, with wonderful discoveries and confirmations of my innate "heart-knowings." Bernie Siegel isn't aware of it, but he and his book played a dominant role in my meeting and marrying my late husband Ray. Thanks, Bernie--and what a delight to find you on this website!