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Finally :):):):):)

I wrote my spiritual story so i can sit and relax in Lounge. If you want to sit next to me in my imagined Sofa, hop in. It's quite nice. Violet. Very comfortable. White Light comes from the sun. It shines here all the time. And I feel that every muscle of my body is relaxed because of it.

If you want to sit on it close your eyes :)

"HELLO!. I am huging with you *" That's what you'll hear when you come.

Maybe there is aroma in this lounge? Bring flowers, and tell me what's their name.

Don't forget to bring table with you!

Laughts and love
Take care

*The relationship with anything starts when people touch or are close to someone, something

Finally :):):):):)

We will need third person with the vase :):):):):) M.