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help is needed..

You are the only one who arrived on Earth in the particular time and space you did and to the parents you did and to the life you did. And you are the only one who can fulfill your destiny.
Dear Gloria, Dear all,  in this message what is tha exact meaning of "YOU DID"  ?  CHOOSE??? DETERMINE????

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help is needed..

The first question that pops up is what does "You did"
mean to you when you read this passage? That is much
more important than what any of the rest of us think.
Because you are unique, as we each are, as the passage
states; your interpretation is the one that matters.
For me personally, in my own unique situation, the
"you did" does indeed mean choose and determine. I
believe that we each work very hard with our guides,
angels, and masters to "set up" our lessons in Earth
School before we incarnate. But that's just

help is needed..

Dear One,

Were you asking for help in translating? I’m so sorry I missed this.

Of course, I know by now you succeeded.

When you arrived on Earth, you arrived to certain parents in a particular part of the world at a particular moment. No one else had the exact arrival you did.

My understanding is that we do choose to whom and/or where we are born, possibly the moment of birth. We determine ourselves, determine in the sense that we have some say about it. It has to be that. Without self-determination, we would be only hapless creatures.

Thank you so much for translating Heavenletters into the beautiful Turkish language every day. Soooo appreciated.

Many blessings and much love,