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Unpacking Past Baggage

The challenge of living in harmony and honesty can be especially difficult for those of us who in the past needed to keep silent for personal safety's sake. Expressing our feelings was actually dangerous for some of us. So it takes extra practice and extra focus to speak our truth when we must speak up. The good news is that NOW, we are protected. In the Light, we can surrender and be assured that we will know when we need to speak up; that speaking our honest feelings about heart issues can be done lovingly. Love is indeed true DIVINE power. It is always flowing through us, especially when we are expressing our feelings honestly.
Unconditional Love and Courage to All


Dear Jo,

I loved your response. Please excuse me that it took me so long to tell you so.

In fact, I appreciated it so much, I quoted it in a recent blog. The entry is called Becoming Honest. You will find it at

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

With blessings and love,